Transfer is complete

For anyone still unaware of the change, my Astrology notes have been moved to this blog. If you need a specific list to consult click whichever notebook applies in the menu once the blog loads. They are sorted into the following categories: My Natal, TMW5T’s Natal, Our combined Synastry Reading (which I will do at a later date, and Our combined Composite Reading ( also to be done at a later date). There are some random posts regarding things like Yod and Synastry Interactions that I have made private and will move over at a later date.

I made this move because my Astrology has been extremely popular and, while that is amazing, is taking over my poetry site. I am contemplating if I need to do the same with my daily (not poetry related) posts and thus far see no real issues and will leave it be.

Just so you don’t get jealous

Since I shared a selfie on my Instagram wall yesterday, and not on here, I got told so, I am correcting the most heinous mistake forthwith…ok? Happy now? The fact that you actually saw it on my Instagram means that you DID see it. (Mumbles under breath)

Whatever whatever…here! (I’m suspicious that the only reason I am getting this complaint is that you weirdos are downloading and saving my photos and can’t on Instagram..thank goodness you are related to me or that could be considered quite creepy) Is so. Is so. IS SOOOO!

That was totally not for me!

Ok, so at work this month, there is a free sample of this product called Olly Sleep that advertises that it’s for a healthy sleep cycle.

It contains Melatonin, L-Theanine & Botanicals. I thought that, perhaps, it would help me stay asleep instead of what usually happens with my Fibro, in which I wake 2-3 times a night. So, I thought, let’s give it a whirl.

It tells you to chew the gummies thoroughly, which I did, and to eat it 30 min before you are going to sleep

I did all of these things and definitely felt the effects right away. And…well…

I hate it.

I hated it soo soo much.

It didn’t stop me waking, by the way, what it did was make me feel incredibly disoriented and way too groggy each time I DID wake. The kind of groggy that feels unnatural. To be honest, I felt the way I do when I’m extremely sick and forced to drink the worst thing in the world… NyQuil. Which I fucking hate!

I am the worst patient in the world when it comes to pain meds. I will wait until the pain is excruciating, until my body is on fire, until my head is going to explode, or until I can’t move without screaming, before I’ll take pain meds.

When I gave birth to Z and had a C-section, I stopped taking the drip meds the absolute moment they let me. No pressing the damned meds button for me. I don’t like medicine. I don’t know why but, the feeling of medicine in my body makes me uncomfortable. I can feel when my natural rhythm is off and not in proper balance. I can always tell when I’m not fully on..if that makes sense.

I am a supporter of taking your medicine to help you stay healthy, especially if the meds are correcting an imbalance or serious condition. I am also a supporter of pain relief when you are in great pain, please don’t misunderstand me. What I am NOT for is extended use of meds if the pain is manageable or simply a little but not terribly uncomfortable. I’m against taking meds that dull my senses instead of fix an issue and, a lot of the time, I will tolerate low level pain to retain the feeling of being in control of my own body. Pain medication helps with pain, but I sometimes prefer to rely on my bodies natural responses to it.

Like, NyQuil, I truly hated the bubble headed feeling of this Sleep aid. I also had terribly bad dreams.

Soo..while I think this stuff might be good for some, It definitely is NOT something I’ll use for myself. Ah well! Reading in the middle of the night, because I can’t sleep, isn’t too big a hardship right?

Future projects

One of the things I plan to do in the future, is stitch a Disney Princess for each of my sister’s and myself. My current project is probably going to take an absolute age..not even kidding! Most stitchers doing this piece report it taking up to a year to complete.

However, I’m always plotting ahead so I figured a year for each piece will probably be kinda fun.

Anyway, here are the pieces each sister chose. My plan is for each sister to have a special gift from me, in her home. I certainly hope I get them all done and they can each have a very special version of the hobby I love soo much.

Joey D

Funniest part was that each sister chose exactly the one I thought she would!

The transfer has begun

I am slowly transferring the astrology data from this blog into the new one. Sigh* it’s very fiddly work in some ways, you’d think it’d be super easy..copy/paste and repeat..but it’s a bit more like: load old links page, click link to open, copy post, open new tab in new blog, create new post, copy/paste old post and publish, copy new page link, open new page and check link works and is to the correct blog, open new links directory, paste new link to new post and hit save, check new link redirects to active post, repeat until you want to murder your computer.


It takes longer than you think. Since I need to do laundry, I’m stopping for tonight, besides, it’s my birthday. I wanna watch garbage tv and be lazy.


B. goodness.

I woke to all these texts and posts to my FB wall. I feel incredibly warm inside. My sister, Shay, and my sister, Joey D, were texting me to the point my phone kept beeping. How’s a sleepy 🐝 supposed to be lazy if you wake her up?!

Brekkie of the forbidden foods (bacon, sausage and ham) was in order. 3 meat egg scramble bowl with 2 helpings of toast! I am revelling in the feeling of naughtily being home on a Tues. Having the day off for your birthday is THE BEST present ever! (Why thank you me, you shouldn’t have!)

I love love love that I have my bed in the perfect spot to stare at my quilt. Honestly, it is my favorite thing right now. I am incredibly glad it’s not crooked. When I hung it, I was cursing and praying as I stood on my rickity folding chair with a hammer and nails whilst trying to hold up a blanket without it falling down. The fact that I got it straight is a frickin miracle.

I will need to go get quarters to do my laundry in a bit, but I kinda think stopping at the secondhand store on the way back might soften the blow.

Ah….I feel a bit happy. I’m 47 today. Who’d have thunk it!