Koko from Quincy’s Tavern!

I’m totally chuffed! This year, for my birthday, I’m getting myself a new friend. His name, is Koko.

Koko comes from a place called Quincy’s Tavern, a rather special place. It’s a place where affection and wisdom are handed out in equal (and often much-needed) measure! Mr Quincy, as I’m going to be referring to him, has a golden aura, (that means teacher in normal people speak) and that means, his purpose is to connect you to the truths and acceptance you might not have found elsewhere. His purpose changes as he changes, always to better places.

I purchased Koko because I want to support this person. I just met him through his TikTok and already I can tell he’s going to inspire and teach me soo soo much!

Oh, and here’s a link to his tavern.

Admit it, you want a Koko too! Go here!

One down, one to go!

I have slowly been purchasing the things I need to make my appointment the way I want it. I’ve got almost everything except 2 items. A bookcase and an ottoman/coffee table. Well, I just bought the bookcase!

Check it out! Isn’t it pretty?!

It comes in 2 pieces so I can either set them side-by-side or stacked.

The photo on the box is very deceiving because it shows it done both ways with 2 sets instead of just the one. My place isn’t big enough for 2 so it’s literally either one (side-by-side) or the other (stacked). Confusing, I know!

I’ll be using the organizers as closet storage instead of inside the cubes and placing my books in there. The organizers will help with the bits and bobs I want out of the way but accessible whenever I need them. The old white unit is nice as a second-hand item but, it wobbles dangerously each time Eggy leaps up onto it the longer I have it. I think the 4 cube/ 2 piece option allows for future changes in my life as well.

Now to look for an ottoman!

This is similar in type to what I’m looking to get but I want it to be longer and thinner:

Weekend plans

This weekend I will be posting my reaction to episode 3 of My Roommate is a Gumiho and I will be working to translate at least 3 more of my Synastry notes on my Astrology blog.

I’m also hoping to get at least 1 recipe done for my monthly cooking challenge.

Soo…all 3 of my active readers should really enjoy that….(snort)

B 🐝