Stop thinking I am more valuable than you are

Your gratitude for my assistance in your spiritual journey is strange to me. I didn’t assist because I am some distant guru or spiritual teacher here to guide you. I assisted you because I have nothing but love for the you that you are, and the you that you are struggling to become. The assistance is from love..the teaching, is just expressing that love. Love is meant to be unconditional. This is what love without expectation looks like. I’m not high on a mystical pedestal, I’m right here, struggling with my own lessons. My lessons were just as hard, that’s why I share them with you. Stop crediting me with being better than you. Stop thinking you aren’t good enough to be beside me. We are both walking our path, I’m just further along it than you are.

Love doesn’t have requirements.

Because you asked

After they learned I am a former Disney Cast-member, someone asked me what my favorite Disney character is. So, I decided to answer here:

I have many favorites for many various reasons (mostly nostalgia) but, the one I think about whenever I remember my dad, is Wall-E. It came out 4 years after dad died and when I watched the movie in the theater, I cried like a baby. See, my dad’s name was Wallace E. Wolf… Wall-E.

My dad has a very strange way of communicating with me after his death. Every year either near his death date or his birthdate, I somehow manage to see his name in some random event. It’s always different and always makes me cry. It’s always literally a shock..because it’s always a very big moment.

So….today I pick Wall-E as my favorite.

Maybe this weekend I’ll make a post about all the different ways dad has shown me his name.

Goofy joke of the day

This one comes from the adorable old man who thanked me for taking his cart in the parking lot by telling me a pun.

“Did you hear someone broke into the police station last night and stole all the toilet seats?

They tried to catch the guy but they had nothing to go on!”

Dude, I know you thought I didn’t appreciate the joke but, the truth is, I was just startled because it was unexpected. I freaking love puns and I wish you’d heard me chortle over it after you drove off.

ps. You are the most adorbs grandpa person ever! kinda went like..

You know those days… you days.. when your soul just can’t deal with anything, at all? Those days you end up not taking off your PJs and just kinda become a human slug for like..THE ENTIRE FUCKING DAY?

Umm..yeah…that was kinda me today. I didn’t clean shit. Didn’t vaccum, didn’t wash the dishes. Nothing. I didn’t even venture further than my sewing chair ( I want credit for leaving my actual bed ok!)

My cat stared at me like he desperately wanted to ask…”Is this what you are fucking doing for the entire day dude?” Yes.. Motherfucker it is!!

I rotated through 4 game apps, ate junk food, and sat on my bee-hind all damned day.



Now I’m gonna make brownies and make a brownie sundae.

Happy sigh*



Because conventional

tastes like listless,

feels like hopeless,

presses down like endless,

and judges like ruthless.


Because unconventional

tastes like hopeful,

feels like joyful,

lifts up like cheerful,

and accepts like powerful.


Turns you over,

so you can see a new viewpoint.

Lifts you up,

so you can see new horizons.

Dances you around,

so you can experience the feeling

of being dizzy with happiness.


because to live is to expand

and to confirm,

is to disappear.

I said what I said bitch!

You can’t replace me but good luck!

When a Capricorn has had enough…

Top 5

#1 I know how to fix the shit you’re probably gonna fuck up in the first hour I’m gone.

#2 I’ll tell you a secret…it only LOOKS easy.. cause I’m a badass bitch!

#3 You have no idea how much I actually do. Prepare to be exhausted.

#4 I bet you didn’t realize how many people are loyal to me…prepare for the reactions once they realize I’m gone.

#5 You’re gonna need 3 more people to do what I did all by myself.

My nieces just turned 8!

Say what? I still remember when I found out my sister was pregnant with twins! This is soo wild! Already 8.

My son is turning 20 this March (can you believe it?!)…next year will be my meltdown year dude! My kid will be turning 21 next year? No,no,no..rewind rewind rewind!!

My kid. 💗 He got his dad’s looks, the Wolf family chin, my papa’s smile and my personality.

This is soo strange

I don’t know why, but I’ve never looked up my parents Astrology signs before. It’s kinda weirding me out because, parents have signs in common with me and with my favorite person. I didn’t even realize it.

I know you might be confused why this matters but, I did my Synastry homework using myself and my favorite person kinda gives me pause.

See, my dad is a Virgo Sun, Taurus Moon and a Scorpio Rising. He is also a Cancer in love (as is my favorite person). My mum is a Gemini Sun, Cancer Moon and Rising Virgo. I am a Capricorn Sun, Virgo Moon, Gemini Rising. My favorite person? He’s a Virgo Sun, Cancer Moon and Virgo Rising. See what I mean? It’s soo interesting! I’m kinda scared to look up my siblings now tbh.

Dad- Virgo Sun = FP -Virgo Sun

Dad-Venus in Cancer=FP- Venus in Cancer

Dad- Mercury in Virgo=FP- Mercury in Virgo

Mum- Cancer Moon= FP- Cancer Moon

Mum- Virgo Rising=FP- Virgo Rising

Me- Gemini Rising= Mum- Gemini Sun

It’s just catching me off guard because I’ve learned my favorite person inside out and insights into his personality are actually helping me understand my own parents and possibly heal parts of myself that I didn’t understand and possibly even some of my childhood memories that aren’t so good. Mind blown!