Puzzle Challenge

So, I came up with the brilliant idea to challenge my sister to a puzzle-off. She lives in Ohio and I live in Wisconsin, so this will be done long-distance using social media. I’ll need to get 2 of the same puzzle so I’m aiming for around Thanksgiving for the challenge date. Keep your eyes peeled for the future post.

This is the puzzle I’m hoping to get:

Omg stop!

Seriously, that last post was NOT a confession! It’s just a meme I thought was cool. Family and friends totally just decided I’m dating someone on the sly. Oh please! I never leave my fucking apartment.

How am I gonna date, through the mail slot? No, Joey D! I don’t ACTUALLY have a mail slot. (Somebody get me outta this!)

This is my actual routine:

  • Work
  • Return from work
  • Buy groceries
  • Repeat

Yup, I’m soo exciting! On occasion I’ll take a walk downtown and take photos. Last week I went with Shay to see Cruella it was brill! That’s. About. It.

If Eat Street didn’t deliver and Apps didn’t exist (I’m looking at you Board Kings, Happy Color, Cat Game, Topps Disney, Libby, Netflix, Prime Video and Viki) I’d probably consider going to the library. Thanks to Libby I have the library come to me. Oh, and I order stuff online…too much!

There, now you know what a pathetic loser I am. I need a pen pal who isn’t creepy.

ps. The lovely comments about my selfie post were truly sweet..thank you! 😊)

Not a perfect 10 and that’s perfectly ok!

Every year I take a photo of myself full body, to remind myself that I am in love with me, all of me! I’m not skinny, not even close. I struggled to live up to others opinions for many years, even lost 60 lbs.

The thing is, I’m just happy at the weight I am right now. I’m healthy, I walk 27,000 steps a day and burn around 2000 calories. I’m just not the “stereotype” of what a beautiful woman should look like, and that’s probably a good thing, nobody could keep that image up with any success!

After I had my son, I learned to love my body. It gave me a child, and from that moment, my body and I were at peace with one another. Now, every year, I take a photo to remind myself that I don’t need to fear what others think when they meet me, I only have to worry about what I think of myself and damn, I love that bitch!

Decisions, decisions

Got into an argument (debate) about how I think I look best in B&W images. In color my face is blotchy and ranges from sunburnt to farmers tan. Honestly, getting a good pic of myself is all about the angles. I don’t actually mind the terrible photos, they make me laugh hysterically. I’m not dumb enough to share them on here though, my sister’s read my blog and save those suckers for future embarrassment. Don’t believe me? Shay has to one of me passed out tired in the car, snoring away, that she posts periodically, to Facebook, to keep me humble. Evil bitch!

Odd how that happens

I’ve not got anything to complain about, not a single thing, and yet.. I am lying here feeling a bit melancholy. Eggy noticed, cats just always seem to suspect these things. He’s planted himself to my side, which feels kinda ok. His presence makes my bit of sad feel almost a luxury.

I’m not sure why I feel this way tbh, perhaps it is just the stress of the last week catching up to me, or maybe I just ran out of things to do currently. I just feel like my energy got zapped out of me. At least I got a shower in and the dishes washed right? That’s something right?

Meh. It feels like it should be raining.