What makes an introverts toes curl

That’s some sexy stuff right there!!! I’m legit wishing I had a fricken tub right about now. :pouting: I have a shower that starts out boiling hot and you have to wait for it to cool down by adjusting it by degrees before you can get in. Sigh** The fact that the art matches the fake plant display makes my love of pattern freak out a teensy bit ( in a good way). I would love to have a go at decorating an entire house. Of course, it would be a problem getting me to leave once I got it perfect. Lol

Hello, pumpkin

When I first moved in here, I made the decision that I’d not decorate for holidays that much, not due to a lack of wanting to decorate, but due to limited storage space in my actual flat. I was doing ok with just Christmas decorations (just a few), and then this week I saw….this:

And now the decorating door is cracked and my inner decorator is rubbing her hands together laughing manically. This..is..probably…bad.

Two scoop night

If you ever hear me say “It’s a two scoop night” be knowing that means it was a shitty workday and yes, 2 scoops refers to how much ice cream will be needed to recover. I do 27,000 steps a day which is the equivalent of 13.5 miles and 2,000 calories. This means I can eat as much ice cream as I want as a perk for busting my ass. Or, as I tell my co-workers..there is never not ice cream in my house.

Completely knackered but, home

The memorial went well and I got to see family members I haven’t seen in a year or more. It was a lot of running around and getting up extremely early all 3 days, so you better believe I am already lying on my bed like a full-grown slug-monster even though I’ve only been home 5 minutes. It can’t last though, I need groceries..lol.

In case you wondered, everyone obeyed careful social distancing and we kept our groupings to 10 or less people at a time, even though you can technically have 50 people at an outdoor gathering, we did everything really carefully because of the older visitors and mourners.

Everyone did wear masks, though it might not seem like it in the photographs we took, mostly because those who live with each other didn’t bother wearing masks with their own family members. I, myself, as the photographer wore my mask almost the entire time.

I’ll write more after I actually have food shopping done.


Cart giggles

Today something wildly funny happened at work. It was soo strange you might think I’m exaggerating but, I promise you! It really happened.

First, I must explain that the side doors we use to load carts into the entryway are kinda like garage doors only huge. People are always seeing these doors and deciding that they are the perfect place to put a cart they don’t want to take all the way to the cart corral ( like 20 extra steps away..how exhausting!) It often blocks the area we need clear to spray sanitize and load the carts in, but the customer doesn’t really care about that.. It’s all about saving themselves a trip to the cart corral.

The problem is that the loading doors sit on an incline and, quite honestly! We have no end of problems on windy days, keeping the carts from flying off the incline and into the parked cars at the bottom. We’ve had about 3-4 incidents already this year. Don’t ask me, I have no idea why the idiots built our store this way. Personally, I think it’s because leveling out the land was too expensive when they built the lot. Just sayin.

Since the customer is responsible for leaving the cart that way, and not the cart attendant, we usually don’t get blamed for these “incidents” that occur but, the painful part is having to wait for management to look at the camera feeds to confirm it wasn’t you.

So, you can imagine my panic when I turned my back for a few minutes to accept condolences from a former co-worker (for the loss of my brother last month) only to turn back and realize that #1 someone parked their cart while my back was turned (he was just walking back to his car when the “incident” happened and #2 he either really parked it badly or the wind caught it and sent it flying. Either way, the cart was already in motion!

That’s when the weirdness happened! The wind caught that rolling cart and twirled it 360° and set it off straight down the other side of the incline and right into the shocked embrace of…the guy who’d left it there in the first place!

It was hilarious! The cart literally moved like it was being remotely controlled. It actually did a 360° turn mid-downhill roll. It brought to mind falling leaves and the way they twirl in the air as they fall. The customer wasn’t as amused as I was.

Apparently, having a cart you left (because you are too lazy to put it away properly) return to you of its own volition, is not amusing. Personally, I laughed my ass off!

Legit goals

I want to win the lottery just so that I can throw a vampire party every year with everyone fitted with custom-made costumes that they have done for them by a team of designers I pay to design the costume that my guests consult with them to create in secret and, of which, is only revealed on the night of the “Big do”.

How cool would that be? Imagine the vibe in the air during the weeks leading up to the event. Each person deeply invested in perfecting their own vision of the kind of vampire they would want to be if someone else were footing the bill.

I’d plan an amazing party with a completely authentic feeling of being legitimate. No cliche food or sarcastic decor, actual proper elegance and glamour. I’d hire a league of photographers to photo every second and send every single participant a photo album from the event. Just imagine the take-home party favors.

What? It would be tons of fun!! Maybe even expand and do a bunch of different parties a year all with different themes or historic time periods. Like a Sherlock Holmes theme, Dragon theme, or Emperor of China theme. I’d be onboard for a “Favorite Book character” or “Favorite Superhero” night. The ideas are endless. Sigh* Gotta win the lottery first. Then, we plot!!!