The Daily Playlist

I post songs on here often and thought you all might like a list of what songs I’ve posted thus far:

  • Five for Fighting: All I Know
  • Gabrielle: Out of Reach
  • Coldplay: Beautiful World
  • Phil Collins: Everyday
  • James Morrison: You Give Me Something
  • Peter Cetera and Cher: After All
  • Maroon 5: Girl Like You
  • Adele: Make You Feel My Love
  • Bewitched: Cest La Vie
  • Jordin Sparks: No Air
  • Shakira: Try Everything
  • Michael Buble: Just Haven’t Met You Yet
  • Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram: Somewhere Out There
  • Andy Grammer: Don’t Give Up on Me
  • Phil Collins: Come With Me
  • Alicia Keys: No One
  • Rascal Flatts: Broken Road
  • Stephen Bishop: It Might Be You
  • Whitney Houston & Mariah Carey: When You Believe
  • Nina Simone: Sinnerman
  • Regard: Ride It
  • Labrinth (featuring Emile Sande): Beneath Your Beautiful
  • Andra Day: Rise Up
  • Amy Grant: House of Love
  • Metisse: Boom Boom Ba
  • Alessia Cara: Ready For Me
  • Jay Park: Me Like Yuh
  • Kenny Loggins: I’m Free (Heaven Helps the Man)
  • AJ Mitchelle: Like Strangers Do
  • The Alternative Routes: Nothing More
  • James Ingram & Dolly Parton: The Day I Fall in Love
  • Ne-yo: Closer
  • Dorothy Dandridge: I’ve Got a Crush on You
  • Rob Thomas: Little Wonders
  • Salt N Pepa: Whatta Man
  • Ariana Grande: Thankyou, Next
  • Anastasia: At the Beginning with You
  • Ronan Keating: When You Say Nothing at All
  • Sheppard: Geronimo
  • DNCE: Cake by the Ocean
  • James Arthur: Say You Won’t Let Go
  • Coldplay: Wish I was Here
  • Linda Ronstadt: Don’t Know Much
  • Don Hartman: I Can Dream About You
  • Lewis Capaldi: Hold Me While You Wait
  • Xanadu: Olivia Newton John: Magic
  • The Script: The Man Who Can’t Be Moved
  • JP Saxe & Charlotte Lawrence: The Few Things
  • Deniece Williams: Let’s Hear it for the Boy
  • Christina Perri: A Thousand Years
  • Savage Garden: I Knew I Love You Before I Met You
  • Sting: My Funny Friend and Me
  • Urban Zakapa: Nearness is to Love
  • Lee Hae Ri (Davinci) Maybe
  • Justin Timberlake: Not a Bad Thing
  • Justin Timberlake: Mirrors
  • Maroon 5: Sugar
  • Phil Collins: You’ll Be in My Heart
  • Justin Timberlake: Can’t Stop the Feeling
  • Monica: Angel of Mine
  • Foxes: Cruel
  • Demi Lovato: Give Your Heart a Break
  • Lauv & Alessia Cara: Canada
  • Fol Chen: In Ruins
  • Alison Krauss: Stay

Meet my boys!

As a girl cart-pusher I am surrounded by boys. 4 to be exact! (Alex left..sniff pursue college life! I’ll need to capture his photo next time he stops by.)

Meet my boys! They are each special (and slightly nutsy) in their own way.

Noah, the joke lover and creative weirdo who never stops quoting Silence of the Lambs
Caleb, slightly autistic and the shy guy of the group. I made him and Noah wear broken sunglasses for the photos (Noah dropped and broke them).
Marcus, the gentle giant with ginger hair and Doug ,our crusty-mouthed Dayshifter.

Have needle, will grid

If you’ve never done it or heard of it, gridding is what counted cross-stitchers do when they are about to take on a huge project. My huge project (or BAP for Big Ass Project) will be my Disney Stained Glass Couples Window. It’s pretty damned big!

When working a large project, gridding the aida cloth prior to sewing is a good idea. It’s basically sewing a 10X10 grid onto the cloth with a light colored thread. Since most patterns are coded 10X10 this helps the sewer catch any mistakes while sewing pretty quickly. Those who don’t grid run the risk of making a mistake and having to frog (referred to as frogging because you rip it, rip it!) entire sections of the work (so not fun with a really big project!)

Anyway, it’s worth doing, but it’s really boring! So, I’m watching Netfix and laughing over one-liners.

Happy Indigenous People Day!

Celebrating the cultural roots of America without the bullshit lying this morning. I am Thankful for Indigenous people who were kind when America needed it, even though we didn’t deserve it and took extreme advantage. I’m pretty sure if the indians got a “do-over” our asses would be fucked! So, I celebrate them and their culture. The fact that they have managed to hold onto their history is something to honor and respect. No thanks to us.

I didn’t get to bed until very early this morning, due to my hands and hips aching. I guess pushing carts furiously in cold weather will do that. Very tired. The work was as you’d expect the day before Thanksgiving and I have the ouchies to prove it.

Soo..many..people. They never seem to give up these extreme holiday habits even during a pandemic. To be honest, I feel they actually use the holidays as an excuse to break the rules over and over again. We are like spoiled toddlers told we can’t have chocolate. Of course tomorrow will be Black Friday because those in retail haven’t been cursed enough this year.

The holidays are generally retail hell, but this year is going to be a whole new level of suck. I can only imagine how much worse the pandemic will make people act this year…definitely NOT BETTER!

So..yeah, thankful…that I have today off to be in pain so I can go and be slammed an entire day for the 2nd holiday, the one that celebrates capitalism and the “addicted to buying crap” humans who keep it thriving.

Happy whatever..I’m annoyed. I am thankful..but, I’m not feeling it this year. People need to be kinder. Just sayin.

I am very happy to have a new president. And phone calls with my Shay. And all my family really.

Ok..feeling better now. It’s a slow waking up process. Bring on the Chicken Nachos!!!

Astrology Confession

Ok, I gotta confess this, and I hope I don’t piss off any Cappie Moon people, but…

I am extremely glad in every single way, that I am not a Capricorn Moon.

Look, being a Capricorn Sun, I know that judgmental, calculating, sarcastic side that can trip me up, but because it is only my public side, it is just enough to drive me forward and get shit done..but, Capricorn Moon is some real cold-hearted shit! All that dark and cold just doesn’t do well in the emotional realm. I have yet to meet a Capricorn Moon that hasn’t hurt the fuck out of their loved ones because of their impossible requirements and endless judgment. They expect soo much from their family! All that critical mind stuff works really well in decision-making, but hurts like salt when it’s pointed at a loved one, ya know?

I dunno, maybe some people love that overly traditional, distant and critical air but, for me, it would have destroyed the best parts of being me.

I am soo soo thankful for my Virgo Moon and my Gemini Rising. My Virgo Moon is just enough like my Cappie Sun to make me sink down in a comfortable groove, but that sweet, sentimental warmth, that is Virgo Moon, makes me a better me..Virgo Moon me is a softer me…then there is that Kooky, talkative and slightly optimistic Gemini Rising. Ah!! Yes. I got the good stuff!

Synastry: Moon Sextile Moon

(Virgo Moon & Cancer Moon)

I’m posting the quote and source here (I’ll do my own notes at a later time) because this interpretation is soo cute and amusing to me. I know that this is EXACTLY what I would be like.

Source is here

Moon Sextile Or Trine Moon : A little Change

This pair is very sweet. This can often make the getting to know “each other stage” seem like it’s taking a year and a half to get off the ground mainly, because there is so much attraction and magnetism that these two will likely be shy, just barley stepping out of their comfort zones then running back to safety only to miss the other intensely. They are very intimate when they do get off the ground and the chemistry is soo natural. The sex is often very constant and is a result of the good and harmonious energy generated here. These two feel soo at ease and cozy with one another that stay at home dates are common. These two prefer privacy and don’t really like outsiders unless it’s very close friends or family. They can seem standoffish when together or detached but they are just caught up in one another and probably didn’t notice you were even there. They readily sacrifice for one another and the romance never feels forced as the two just seem to want to do things out of emotional desire. They can grow obsessed with one another but this is usually offset by other aspects, also if both people are naturally independent this will just add an air of intimacy. Another marriage aspect! and it really helps offset harsh aspects as both parties readily care for the emotions of the other easily.”  

Not gonna lie, the stay-at-home dates idea greatly, greatly appeals! I am soo down with shared couch enjoyment! Also, can you imagine how much fun it would be to sew in my chair whilst he reads a good book and call that a date!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤!!!

Synastry magic

Seriously, having fun with this.

I find it very intriguing how many interactions I have with MW5T,

Sun 8, Moon 10, Mercury 3, Venus 8, Mars 3, Jupiter 7, Saturn 2, Uranus 6, Neptune 6, Pluto 1, Chiron 7, Lilith 5, T. Node 4, Vertex 1, Ascendant 3, Midheaven 9, 83 interactions in all

Our interactions are flipped in “double whammy” for 13 of them.

His are like this:

Sun 7, Moon 8, Mercury 5, Mars 6, Venus 4, Jupiter 5, Saturn 5, Uranus 5, Neptune 7, Pluto 7, Chiron 3, Lilith 2, T. Node 3, Vertex 1 Ascendant 7, Midheaven 7, POF 2- 84 interactions in all.

I only included Trine, Sextile, Conjunct, Opposite, and Quincunx so there could be more in the more minor interactions.

It’s wild.

I’m particularly intrigued by

Sun Opposes Moon

Moon Sextiles Sun

Moon Sextiles Moon (This one is the Boom!! Aspect as it is the most desirable of all aspects in a synastry reading.)

Moon Conjuncts Ascendant

Saturn Conjuncts True Node

True Node Conjuncts Lilith

Midheaven Trines Midheaven

Midheaven Conjuncts Vertex

Sun Conjuncts Pluto

True Node Opposes True Node

The one I am most intrigued by currently is Saturn Trine Saturn. Wow!!!

Synastry: Sun opposite Venus

(Capricorn Sun vs Cancer Venus)

Here we have it again…an aspect that should be completely at odds but, somehow, isn’t. In fact, this aspect shows up in long-term relationships.

These two have different viewpoints. Their childhoods, life lessons, and core beliefs are, in some ways, vastly different, which will make for some interesting disagreements.

(B-that’s me) and (A-that’s TMW5T) are going to get frustrated with one another. B can be certain her way is the only correct and proper way, while A thinks B needs to lighten up her sense of Black & White. B will get offended thinking A likes his way too much, and A will probably pout because B never lets him do anything without a lecture about it.

Of course, the reason this works is that, once again they will learn things about themselves through this interplay of personality.

Here’s an example of the interplay in action:

A learns that charming B to get his way isn’t going to work all the time, as B was probably never allowed indulgent behavior in her childhood, either because of the natural personality traits of being a Capricorn, or because she was most often expected to be a careful kid, responsible and mindful not to anger or upset anyone. Always following the rules and never demanding the attention she needed. This natural Capricorn trait, is often found as taken full advantage of by parents who come to expect their child to “fall into line” or “keep to expected behaviour”

A, probably had a much different childhood. He might have used humor or cleverness to get his way. A’s childhood was probably based in more rebellious and clever attempts at getting the result he wanted, due to a household that was less ridgid in expectations of his behavior.

So, for A, demanding his way isn’t going to cut it, neither is pouting and sulking. A has a bit of a habit here, of trying to compliment or cojole his way into things he wants…kinda like a little kid wheedling a snack before dinner. On the flip side, Capricorny B needs to let up on the rules sometimes. After all, fun can’t be planned and spontaneous moments can actually be good for her.

Some of A’s behavior is a result of his round-a-bout way of being slightly passive-aggressive and not because he’s a naughty person. He’s just got a fear that he’s not being seen and appreciated, and this manifests as a need to have his way..thus, confirming B is still caring about his feelings. (After all, attention by means of pouting, is still attention)

Of course, this cojoling habit has a bit of self-indulgence in it, and B needs to be aware of the core reason for it. A needs reassurance that B will still love him even if he acts like a pouty kid. A, needs to be similarly aware that B, isn’t being cold hearted or mean by not giving in to his habit of being sweet in order to get his way, this is behavior he has to monitor because, B most likely never got indulged this way, and what A considers being cutesy to get his way, B might consider manipulation and that, might hurt her feelings.

The viewpoints go like this, growing up A would often make his family laugh or shake their heads at his silly method of “trying to get one over on them” in an obvious but clever manner, what the English refer to as “being cheeky” which is given a positive vibe of loving indulgence and most likely, resulted in the family giving in to him. It makes him feel loved because the family members indulge him and this, he determines, means that they want him to be happy.

B, on the other hand, probably was corrected anytime she attempted this same behavior. She might have been reprimanded severely or criticised for being ” selfish” or “manipulative” in this way. Her behavior was given a negative vibe of censure and disapproval.

As a result, these two have a confusion of viewpoint regarding this type of habit. A sees it as a means of obtaining validation of love, whilst B associates this same habit as resulting in a withdrawal of love.

The truth is, both need balance.

B needs to learn that she can let A show her how to be more playful, providing her with the sweet joy of acting a bit spoiled without feeling like she’s being bad and will lose his love because she’s disappointed him (remember this will have been drummed into her as a child) This might take her awhile as she probably has never done this without feeling guilty of manipulating the person she loves, even if A is fully aware and is, in fact, enjoying her transparent attempts at winning her way over him.

A, on the other hand, might do well with a bit of correcting of his own behavior, as it has probably gotten a wee bit out of hand over time. What a child gets away with is a different story to a grown adult trying the same. A child might appear cute or be seen as a lovable rascal, a grown man however, isn’t quite so cute as he pouts and sulks about not getting his way even though he was extra cutesy and complimentary..which can be considered false flattery. A, needs to learn that validation of love doesn’t need to come only from someone giving in to him.

He might benefit from learning other methods of obtaining that validation that coincides with B’s childhood conditioning.

For example, B’s love language might be about showing love through action. She might not give in to manipulation, but does she notice the small things that A does? Does she respond to this showing of love by doing little things like heating up a towel while A’s showering? Or packing A a lunch for a trip? If so, A can slowly begin to understand that B is saying she loves him in a way that feels comfortable to her, and that, contrary to not loving him, B is practically shouting it in her own way.

The reason this aspect works, is that over time both members of this coupling begins to “twig” to the habits of one another, and this becomes more like being “courted” continuously.

Synastry: Sun oppose Moon

(Capricorn Sun vs Cancer Moon)

This is a binding aspect..which is to say, they have differing ways but these ways actually work really well together. They say this is a good indicator of a lovers relationship.

The reason opposite works here, is that, the Sun (Me) and the Moon (TMW5T) correct each others behavior slightly. Sun might appear a bit insensitive to Moon, at times, but that’s because Moon is a bit needy or overly dependant in times of fear, nervousness, or worry, and Moon needs that habit brought into the light, Sun does this in a way that supports and strengthens Moon’s understanding of themselves and by pushing them to overcome it, they can grow and learn to trust themselves. Though, let’s be honest, Moon might not like the lesson at first.

As the relationship deepens, Moon learns that Sun isn’t the type to let them get away with this behavior and it helps them overcome the anxiety that creates this habit.

Sun, on the other hand, learns that they need to pay more attention to Moon’s signals and respond more gently. Sun learns that their ridgid responses aren’t going to cut it with Moon. Moon actually forces Sun to learn better communication. These lessons form a kind of partnership strength because, even though they have opposite responses to each other, this actually causes growth in their lacking areas.

The other really cool side-effect, is that their sex life is much more about loving affirmation than just fucking one another. They connect and validate one another through sex. Sun’s love-making softens them toward Moon emotionally, something Moon needs to help them know that Sun has their back and reassures them that they aren’t going anywhere, this reassurance helps Moon to adapt to the dynamic of a lover who won’t let them rely on them to the point of smothering and won’t allow their personality to be dissolved by Moon.

Sun learns how to express themselves emotionally, as Sun’s issue is more about not knowing how to express their softer side. Sun literally feels awkward about physically showing affection naturally. They might feel quite awkward and self-conscious about showing their feelings. Especially, since this Sun is a Capricorn.

Capricorns are naturally a bit stiff and ridgid, mostly out of deep fear of doing something wrong or incorrect toward Moon, who they will admire and secretly have extreme tender feelings toward. This, is something Moon will come to understand very very well. Since Moon has what Sun lacks…Moon teaches Sun how to relax. Since Sun knows how to project a confident core, they teach Moon to trust themselves in anxiety situations which is really why Moon can be a bit co-dependent (they might literally shake in public speaking)

This is probably one of the coolest opposite aspects I have seen. They love each other soo much that they are forced to work on their bond right off the bat, and by overcoming the obstacle of the aspect, they actually grow into a stronger unit. They balance one another and it shows.

Cleaning frenzy.

I cleaned in the extreme! Moved everything around, pulled everything out and sorted it into proper order. I am terribly tired now! I sat and sewed for the rest of the night..I must have sat there in the position too long because now I am very stiff and sore. I can barely move. This, is soo not fun. Time for some tylenol.

I tried the spaghetti with eggs and bacon recipe..I wasn’t a fan. Next time I’m sticking with a BLT.

My room configuration is different now. I’ll need to get use to it. Feels weird but fresher.