Ava Reeves

I wrote this poem in hopes that it would bring peace to a hurting heart. I never got the chance to give it personally, of course. I hope that somehow in the cosmos there is a way to convey this single thought on his behalf. I wrote it in first person, so should he read it he knows the thought I wish to convey.

AVA Reeves Poem.











You were but a wisp of life’s longing.
You were but a wee thing to see
and yet within your tiny soul
you grasped a part of me.

In losing you, I lose my breath,
my heart is fair to die.
But I must go on, and I must heal
though, my soul screams endless why

I cannot let myself but think
that I’d be better still,
to never have dreamt of your sweet face
or with regrets let my heart fill.

for though it was but fleeting,
my heart it felt great joy
and a lesson of love, I learned it well
that true love is not a toy.

I lay you here to rest awhile
but dare not fear we part
for though your body is in the ground
your soul rests beneath my heart.

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