I am made whole.

Today the past is gone

and I am made whole anew

I feel the presence

of love

in my heart

and I am at peace

at last!

I am found

I am joy

I am complete


my soul has been




I am whole.

With tears

in my eyes

and faith

in my heart

I regain

what once was taken

from me

my soul,

my peace,

my love,

my faith,

my serenity,

my universe.

I am at peace

and my heart


to the tomorrow


before me.

Published by Bexley Benton. (Pen name)

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog.

11 thoughts on “I am made whole.

  1. Great poem. I’m like this until I start writing my poetry. Being an outlet, it lets me open my heart causing me to feel whole again.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. Thank you Caroline. I felt that way this morning. I felt so good I cried like a baby on my walk. It made me feel very blessed.

  3. Carloline I added you to my blogroll on my other journal since this one is for poets. I want to be able to read more of your work. I took a good peek, but will take a longer look tomorrow. Incredibly nice to meet you.

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