I am stubborn.

Stubbornly I refuse,
to let go of what I dream.

the winds pull,
the rain beats down,
the sun heats my tender skin.

but I am stubborn,

I will mock the wind,
“Is that all you got?”
I will mock the rain,
“You missed a spot!”
I will mock the sun,
“I am not done!”

I will not give up,

My dream is my heart,
My dream is my soul,
My dream is what makes my life run,
My dream is what makes my blood beat.

I am stubborn,

more stubborn than the wind.
more stubborn than the rain.
more stubborn than the sun.

so tell me?
what makes you think I will allow you,
a mere man, to stand in my way?
I will not let go.

I will have my dream.

It is not a selfish dream.
It is a dream for good.
It is a dream for right.
It is a dream for peace.

I will have my dream!

I want to save the world,
though I am one woman,

one soul,
one heart,
one mind,

I am one woman who,

You can stand there and shake your head,
certain I am a fool,
or you can move to my back,
and join me,
link hands with me,

let the wind come!
let the rain come!
let the sun come!

I am not one any longer,
with you I am two!
What cannot be done by one,
will be done by many,
but where does many start?

With me.
With you.
With us!

I will not give up,
on my dream!

Have I mentioned,
that I am stubborn?

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I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog. I refer to my favorite person as TMW5T Why? because if he had 6 I'd call him TMW6T, duh!!

13 thoughts on “I am stubborn.

  1. (huge grin) Thanks Oz for stating the obvious. I can always count on you to answer any and all questions I pose. Bekki

  2. Honestly Charles I have no idea how I would even go about doing so..not to mention I have a very deep lack of funds at the moment..(I.E. I work for retail) I am so glad you liked this. You must be reading my oldies but goodies. LOL


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