Wisdom is his kenning.

He lingers on a worry
timeless thoughts to ponder
as he holds his stance crooked,
his head tilted toward me,
ever listening to my breathing.

He shuffles feet unplanted
waiting out my huffing,
knowing I will take his calm
and nestle down for sleeping,
once I am knowing peaceful.
He shares his palm with me.

He waits here with my frowning,
certain it will slow be upside-downing,
for timelessly he wanders
to curl up in my tender
and pace me off to dreaming.
Ever wisdom is his kenning.

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I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog. I refer to my favorite person as TMW5T Why? because if he had 6 I'd call him TMW6T, duh!!

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  1. Hey, I like your poem. I’m sorry, I’ve been out for a while. I started a new project – a sci-fi novel that is consuming my time.


  2. Oh the book is doing well. I’ve changed chapter 1 twice now. (LOL!) It just lacked the ‘punch’ I was looking for. It’s good to talk with you.

    My poetry books is doing ok. Not selling like hotcakes but ok.

    Genius burn? Not sure what you mean, I’m sorry.

  3. In little women when Joe is writing her book they ask her if “Genius is burning” it’s a way of saying are you writing your masterpiece! lol.

    I want to read this chapter you speak of.

  4. Oh, I’m sorry. Well in a way. This novel was started in 1998 as the result of listening to a song called “Mira nova.” I immediately got an image in my mind and the story started. It ‘stalled’ for a time, and now I’ve returned to it. Now it’s 125 pages long and growing!


  5. Mira-Nova, The Dinar
    Chapter 1

    A Journey, Season

    D’ar didn’t know the change was coming. Didn’t hear it. But that morning, the song of the Dinar ran in his head as he sat on the warm and worn granite stone shelf. He repeated it to himself – slowly at first than faster feeling the rhyme.

    This is how the lucky feel,
    how the blessed feel
    like the waves licking the shore
    the taste of spring in the morning.

    But how I feel
    in the lonely mountain
    in these depths?
    like the belly of a cloud
    a dark winter night
    but darker
    than that deep night.

    The dark night stung him. though the sky. He felt it, tasted it. He felt blessed stretching out his 5′-4″ frame on that warm spring morning and felt the belly of the cloud forming around them. [add reference to Naaki here]

    “He Fired! He fired again! Bank Left! Bank Left! Shima Screamed! clutching the control panel with his long lion claws.
    “I’m working on it! ” Jerod yelled back. The energy pulsed expanded as it approached. Jerod was hoping the Black hole would swallow it with its gravity but it closed on them, closer than was comfortable. The Ship, Shaqad, was a slow moving converted freighter. It moved asthmatically toward the abyss until its bow rested on the Event Horizon. Jerod frantically worked the controls when the pulse curved into the hole.
    “Ok, Ok, now let’s get out of here! Shima yelled, his mane raised up in alarm.
    “Going, he said. Damn it! Let’s go!” Jerod said.
    The attacking Federation ship was more than a match for them. It could turn easily to follow them. It was only Jerod’s tricks that kept them out of reach.
    “He’s slipping out, 50,000 km now…” Shima said.
    “Yes, I see.” Jerod yelled back looking over his shoulder.
    “We can make some time, drop the damn cargo!” Shima demanded shaking his claws at him.
    “No, No, we need this.” Jerod answered.
    “She’s coming around!!!” Shima yelled.
    “Cutting in the auxiliary engines” Jerod called back as the ship shuddered. The Shaqad executed a roll the port again and circled the upper edge of the Mira Nova where the radiation was most intense.
    “Radiation levels exceeding limits!”
    “Just a minute. We should be blanking out of their sensors now!” Jerod called. Trick Number 24, he thought. This should do it.
    The pursing ship suddenly halted.
    “He’s scanning again. What if this doesn’t work?” Shima asked.
    “The halo of the black hole will hide us. He’d have to risk the ship to move closer.” Jerod answered still working the controls and engines balancing the pull on them.
    The ship shuddered harder as it strained against the suction of the blackhole. A warning light started to flash on the console. Engines signaled an overheat condition.
    “We might not have that long!” Shima growled and scrapped his claws against the panel.
    The communications light illuminated again.
    “Shaqad, This is the American Federation of Space. You are in restricted space. You are ordered to surrender your ship immediately.”
    “Shaqad, This is the American Federation of Space. This is restricted location…”
    “Turn that crap off will you?” Jerod said.
    “Gladly, Shima said smiling.
    “They’ve lost us.” Jerod grinned. “They wouldn’t do that if they knew where we are.”
    The AFS ship turned again, glided across the face of the Mira nova and scanned again.
    “Ok, we’re out of time!” Shima reported glancing at the engine coolant temperature.
    “Captain Abbot, we’ve lost them.” The scrawny lieutenant cowered.
    “They have to be there!” Captain Abbot said, rising out of his command chair and walking forward. The Miranova played in front of him.
    “I have to catch him this time!” He said under his breath and squinted at the screen.
    “Shut up and scan for them!”
    The lieutenant pressed the console but it was blacked out by the radiation streaming from the enormous maul only a few kilometers in front of them.
    “Sir, you know our scanners can’t penetrate the interference from the Mira Nova.”
    “Uh, Sir, we can’t remain here must longer. Our engines can’t maintain the pull against the Mira Nova.
    “Damn. We’re lost them. Ok, make port. We’re catch their next expedition.
    The ship turned and headed back

    “They’re turning around!” Shima said watching the view screen.
    “Yahoo!” we beat’em again. Jerod pressed the controls and slid the Shaqad away from the danger further away from the abyss.
    “You know that makes us criminals all the more, don’t you?”
    “On 4 star systems, if I remember right.” Jerod answered.
    Certain star systems posted their names in their post offices as criminals. Some planetary systems once listed them as criminals even in their pubs. Merchants and dealers line the streets looking for salesman such as Jerod. But now near exhaustion after harvesting for twelve hours, they settled down for a well-earned sleep cycle.

  6. WOW….I am totally leaving this up for others to read Dave!! Can you say action packed? Keep it up..I see greatness here Dave..just remember, if you have fun reading it..so will the reader.

    Ps. mail me more as you work on it at my email address: bekki.bedow@gmail.com

    This has a Star Wars/ Star Trek feel to it..I am liking it.

  7. I would enjoy that..I might not be able to read it until Wed though..would that be ok Dave? Only thing I would suggest..and I am in no way a writer..merely a reader..I would suggest remembering that after a long action scene that you want to slow the action down and make the reader think too..that way there is a steady pattern to the work that lets the reader digest the action while making their imagination delve into the storyline..your dialog is your strength!! Don’t forget to weave in some background information..I am liking it so far..take your time and enjoy the process of writing. (smile)


  8. Of course, I would appreciate any comment on it you have time for. Very good point! I stir up the action especially in the last chapter in the battle scenes. I love reading this chapter – it’s what you said, I tried to make it exciting and fun to read. I struggle with the background- you know the ‘tell’ or ‘show’ discussion I’ve had so many times. I have to improve my balance of narrative, dialogue and background.


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