The wonder in his name.

Come time, dry the tears
that currently vex my spirit, 
bring my heart end of aching
 For I will not be forsaking
that which brings me joyful.
 I am ever mindful of the loss
 as my heart begs his contentment.

Time, return lost faith to his soul
where it is sorely missing,
and most conspicuously blank
waiting for his new page
of wording to be written.

Time, Let him see his potential
for he is writing pages
that have not the true reflection
of his inner worth or future dwelling.
This value I am endless telling
the world just how he loves me
with something that makes a miracle,
seem smaller than a needle, 
and harder to come by haystack.

Time, hear my declaration, 
Oh how his heart shines within his laughing!
his eye so clever giving. 
his endless steps beside me, 
that shows the way, while greiving
the loss of something within him.
He strives but sees not the value
of each stumbling forward motion.

Time, dry these cuts of worry
that coat my heart with patches
as I watch with wringing fingers
his every shadowed calling 
my love cries with his falling
as I walk in silent witness
and wait for him to see
the wonder in his name.

Published by B

I am B (call me BB and I will gut you) I like daisies, books, and men who understand the wisdom of Kermit the Frog. I refer to my favorite person as TMW5T Why? because if he had 6 I'd call him TMW6T, duh!!

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