Are you having, or being?

Gabriel Marcel ” having implies a dualism composed of a possessing subject and a possessed object; having is concerned with objective exteriority. Being on the contrary, does not admit of any dualism, for the object is identical with the subject. Thus I do not have my body; I am my body.”

I am
I exist
in a world of thought I grow.
I become something with fragile wings,
something exploratory
something that emerges and interacts.
Something that knows it is here
to embrace all that is within, and without.
Interaction makes for joyful living.

I am,
not owned.
I am borrowed.
My essence is not your essence.
My being is not your being.
I do not own you.
Your essence is not my essence.
Your being is not my being.
We travel together
and acceptance makes us fly.

Life is an endless moment
looped, and circling
but never forget,
with listless working
that dreams are waiting
beyond the same old door
waiting for you to look up
and discover.

Do not forget to wonder.
Do not forget to question.
Do not forget to be.

Instead of just having an adventure.
Be an adventure

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