I updated my “Facebook Commentary” page. If you haven’t read it feel free..it’s like looking in someone’s sock drawer..everyone does it, but no one admits they do.:)

Also updating the “Music Is Just Poetry With Sound” page. Want to know what I listen to as I write? Check it out.

New poems have been added. I make no promises that they are any darn good.

Looking forward to 2 milestones that are coming up soon. 1) the end of year blog stats. I cannot wait to see it! and 2) the 5 year anniversary of my poetry blog, which comes in March. I know, I cannot believe it either.

If you get the chance please read the following 5 poems and let me know what one is your favorite.

All poems are searchable on the right-hand bar or you can scroll down since they are all from the last 2 months. Your input is greatly appreciated.

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