2013 Poems List



Somethings Cooking

Connective tissue

The tax man hates me

I walk this pace




Know it

Small speck of determination (A personal favorite)

Leaf people




Memorizing his face

Stardust on his shoes (a personal favorite)

Happy Beeing Me

Little Tadpole


One of those days

Blue boxes are for hugging

of my eye

Blue Traces

Bite Me

A is for… (a personal favorite)

Sleep Perchance to Dream

Hello (a personal favorite)

Blue-Footed Booby

Pinched Expression

Don’t Mess with the Contessa (a personal favorite)

Love Path

Down to you

Death Of A Poem

Truth in advertising

I want my words back

Press Here

The stark truth is a poem


Learning Curve

Family Heirloom

On the edge with you


Comfortable Silence (A personal favorite)

Drowning Upward (A personal favorite)

Senior Discount  (A personal favorite)

Poison Tongue

Ending of a poem

Thoughts of a nutso cutlet

In celebration of plum cake (A personal favorite)

Look at children

How the stars burn

The way you make me feel

Bed Head (A personal favorite)

Personal Conviction (A personal favorite)

How passion dies before it flies

Secret Library

Face Forward

Small Smile (A personal favorite)

Airborne Instruction

It’s a jungle in here

Rest Here

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