Random, party of uno

This is completely random and stupid, so you are NOT allowed to laugh at me…but…I looked on my Feedjit and saw someone from Hollywood, CA read my blog. Is it too embarrassing to admit I wondered if it was someone interestingly famous? Cause,  as much as I would probably deny it, most of me would sqwee and think that was completely cool. Therefore, most of me, is convinced it was probably the guy who gives you a towel in the bathroom at those Hollywood hotels, and not someone interestingly famous at all. Course, then I thought about that guy and realized..that guy is totally my audience! A normal Joe who has thoughts and feelings and dreams. A guy who probably has an intimate knowledge of what it is like to have life kick him in the teeth a few dozen times.

Then, I realize famous folks are also pretty much, under all the glitter and fake tans (you know who you are) also pretty much normal Joe’s too..just pretty damned good at pretending all that fame stuff means they are not..(I suspect they are really reeaaallly good at it) but deep down, we all have feelings that hit us upside the head, from time to time. SO there I am, full circle.

Please don’t sing the Lion King theme. After 7 years with Disney I am soooo not amused….(ok, slightly amused..but only cause you are so damned cute when you smirk like that)

Anyway…Random complete.

Ps. There are a ton of errors both Grammatical and otherwise in this post. Give me a break..it’s 3:30 in the morning!

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