Comfortable silence

Like a quiet breeze
you sit next to me.
Leg crossed elegantly
over thigh
made more elegant
by the lack of your noticing.

The way you love silence,
amuses me.
Transversing the well trod pathways
of your mind and memory.
Lingering on a phrase remembered
for only an hour or twenty.

My heart lingers on
the way you touch my hair,
lost in a thought.
Including me in your moment.
Indicating I am part of your calm
and comfortable.

Note*I wrote this poem because of an image in my head of a man sitting thinking while subconsciously touching the woman he loves. There is a sense of compliment in that image. To be the one that person is so content and comfortable with they literally forget they are running their hands through your hair as they think. I figure that is a kind of personal heaven.*


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