And then they forced a pilgrim hat onto my head

CaptureIf there were a bubble above her head it would read: “I am only doing this for the Pumpkin Pie.” Seriously! I slept about 5 hours and COULD NOT go back to sleep. Something about the sun and blah blah blah. Anyway. I behaved myself…mostly, when it came to the “FEAST”. I stuck to the veggie tray and 1 plate of reasonably portioned food, however..the mostly is because I ate 2 pieces of pumpkin pie. Dude! If you read my profile page you will understand that 2 pieces is being good. 🙂

I planned to do a cross-stitch for above the living-room couch that says “Living La Vida Sofa” but realized I do not spend time on a couch, I spend massive amounts of time, in my room, on my bed, typing, reading, playing, commenting, and basically being a complete introvert poster child. I think that collage ruined me for other rooms. I just got so use to being on a bed doing everything I need done in one handy object surrounded space. I have no happier place than my own room. Honestly, I wonder sometimes what the rest of the house is for. Since “Living La Vida bed” doesn’t sound quite as punchy, I am considering doing a stitch that  says: “Yes, I am still alive. No, I am not lonely.” instead. Heh

What did I do for Thanksgiving? Z and I logged onto Skype, put on our earphones, and totally had a blast playing Wizard101 together for like 5 straight hours. Best Thanksgiving moment ever! I love my daughter to bits and cannot wait to see her in December (she lives with her dad). She is infectious with her laughter and cannot seem to ever stay mad for more than 3 seconds. She seems to have inherited my optimism and endless curiosity. Oh, the smart ass comments truly flowed today. Her favorite saying is: “Is it because I’m balance” which makes me laugh. (It’s a Wizard101 thing) Once I finally assured her I was still getting her the $39 bundle for Christmas (OY!) we signed off for the night.

As for the rest of the peoples in my life, Mad hugs! Thank you Anne for the Advent calender and huggles to M and the Pub group for chatting and keeping me sane. I honestly do not want to know what my life would be like without my closest friends and loved ones.

Black Friday tomorrow. I am actually looking forward to it. That may have something to do with the Nacho Bar they are planning for us. When it comes to my favorite things to eat list (Not including the pumpkin pie, since it is technically a dessert, or so they try and remind me) it goes something like this:

Mexican food
Submarines Sandwiches
Indian Food

I need to get my camera ready for Christmas. (It’s getting old, but hopefully still works. I really want an SLR camera. Ah well.)

I am rambling aren’t I? Yes, Yes I am.

Sorry bout that.
Happy Thanksgiving


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