Diary Entry: December 10, 2013

I have an OCD. It has to do with packing, or more accurately re-packing. As in, packing, and then packing again, and then packing again and then, just for funzees, packing again.

I cannot leave well enough alone. See, I am actually not the type to pack a lot, which you might have assumed from the first sentence in this post. No, my problem is that I have an overactive tidy-it-up gene. I want to be as light as possible. This leads to me packing heavily on the first pack, and then slowly tossing out things as “Too much bother” as time goes by. Sometimes to my horror when I realize I took out all my underwear and did not put any back in, or, like I did last time, forgetting my pajamas.

The problem is that my tidy-up-gene, is at all-out war with my “What if the Apocalypse happens?” gene

I am an economical person. I only leave in what I need, what is practical, what is likely to actually be needed as apposed to my imagined needs. (Like, say, a sudden hurricane hits and all humanity relies on whether or not I packed hand sanitizer to clean out their bacteria conducive wounds before they turn septic and eventually kill someone. Tada Bex to the rescue with her trusty lighter, hand sanitizer and needle kit. What? I am an adventurous thinker.)

I also have a weird habit of packing way too early. I have 33 days until I leave and already I am itching to pre-pack. I even made a list, which is hilarious, because this is my 5th trip to England. You might say I could laminate the damned list by now. None-the-less, I create my happy list of carry-on and luggage needs. The carry-on is crucial for surviving excruciatingly long layovers. (9 hours in Germany qualifies) and I have  pared down my initial Save the world! impulse list, somewhat.

Want a peek at what I think will be my final selections?


Mp3 Player. Charged and loaded with a mix of old and new music.
Kindle. Charged and loaded with Audio books and downloaded goodies from Amazon.com (I love Amazon so much. Their customer service is the best in the world)
Digital camera-SD Card/Batteries/Charger
Cross-stitch project (Union Jack is almost done. I plan to work on the US flag next)
1 change of clothing (comfy)
Hard candy/Chewing gum (For plugged up ears)
Passport/ID/Ready cash/Itinerary
Lip balm
Small sewing kit
Hand Sanitizer
Bottled Water
Orange/Pretzels/Hot Tamales
Deck of cards
Mini-lap-quilt/carry strap (Laugh all you want..this sucker has saved me too many times to count)
Deodorant/Light (very light) body spray
Safety pins (3)


Clothing ( 4-5 complete outfits, 1 skirt and nice dressy shirt, and pajamas)
Bath essentials






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