Dear Santa,

I know you are probably a little surprised to hear from me, a woman of almost 40 years old. Most people believe in you, but most don’t really write you anymore. I also bet you think I am going to ask you for something for Christmas, cause that’s probably about 99.9% of the letters you get all year long.

Surprise Santa, this letter is not a request, it’s a thank you.

Thank you Santa, for bringing my little girl home to be with me for Christmas. I know you wondered where she was, and might have left an extra present or two under her Christmas tree, at her home with her dad, when you realized she was not with me because she lives somewhere else. You didn’t think I noticed you put my name on it, instead of yours, but I did. It meant a lot to me. As she grows I see a lot of your spirit inside her, she is like you in many ways. She cannot stay mad at anyone more than a minute or two, she is just so happy to be herself and she loves her life. She is active in drawing, music, and has lots of wonderful people in her life, teaching her to be the great person I see her becoming. We may not be like other families, but we work really hard to do what we feel is right for her. Thank you. Her first and best memories are of going to church and learning about love from God, and coming home and learning about the spirit of giving and kindness from you.

Thank you Santa, for the presents from people who smile at me on my way to and from work. I know those are gifts you sprinkle into everyday life all year long. Most people do not realize it, but I do. I know you are always ensuring there are enough reasons to get through another day. Little reminders of love and compassion that crop up unexpectedly and live inside the eyes of humanity doing good and sharing their gifts with the world. Creativity, compassion and forgiveness are the best gifts, don’t you think? You don’t even have to wrap them. Since you are an Angel that serves heaven, I know you are doing your best to keep the season bright and remind us of the blessings that guide us, every single day of the year, not just at Christmas.

Thank you Santa, for the snow. Even though I grump about being cold and curse when I see snow piling up outside. You always make bells jingle so I am reminded of the beauty of the winter season when I take a walk at night and feel the snow on my face in the dark, as I hear the silence and remember the peace of a Silent Night. Thank you, I needed to be reminded that Christmas is a personal spiritual time as well as a family one.

Thank you Santa, for my M. Where would I be without him? He calms me, brings me joy, and constantly supports me in word, and even more important, in deed. He has had a hard year and I know that he thinks sometimes that is it all too much. He is the best present I ever received. When I cry, he is there to make me laugh. When I fear, he is there to make me trust. Even when his own days become difficult, for me he tries to see the silver on every dark cloud. He is a blessing. He is the best friend I ever had. Thank you Santa, for bringing him and his family, into my life.

Thank you Santa, for the trappings of Christmas, I don’t mean boxes or bows, candy or clothes. I mean Lights and excitement. I mean giggles and hugs. I mean old traditions and new traditions. Hot chocolate and cold cheeks. I mean meeting old friends and forging new ones. I mean crying out in surprise and whispering low in prayer. I mean memories and understanding, that there are people who need that extra step to make their own Christmas bright. Neighbors who feel alone, who need the candles we light. I am grateful for each Christmas I am blessed to view. Each one filling my heart up and making me brand new, with the vow, that no matter how hard, how troubling or low. I will not ever let Christmas be forgotten. I will never let it go.

Thank you Santa, for making my dreams come true. Thank you, Thank you Santa. Not just for helping me believe in you, but for knowing you believe in me too.

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