5 days until my vacation

I should be getting ready. Downloading music, making sure I have packed all the correct stuff. Instead what am I doing? Listening to Brown Eyed Soul and mooning over Pinterest. Pinterest is true love. It’s a place to make lists and catalog whatever you want, but in photo form.  I like lists a heck of a lot.

I don’t make ones that need to be checked off or anything, that would be too normal. No, my list making is even weirder. I make list of things that no one really considers a list for. I make lists of things I already know and understand. For example, I once made a list of all the things about myself that make me who I am. Yeah, it’s that demented.

I wrote where I was born. What time, what place, what hospital. I contemplated my astrology chart, my numerology, the doctor who signed my birth certificate! I then moved on to my siblings and their children. I listed all their names and middle names. I got lost when it came time to put their birth-dates, since I am challenged when it comes to remembering my own. I then listed all the places I have ever lived or taken an address. All the places I have ever gone to school. I moved on and listed all the places I have ever been or visited. I listed all my hobbies, all my likes and dislikes. I then looked over my list, decided I sounded like someone stuck on themselves and tore it up and tossed it in the recycle bin.

I have a habit of listing things to make myself feel more secure, I think. Like I will list all the books I have read. All the things I know about a specific person, just to see if I pay enough attention to the details of their life (It goes without saying I don’t bother trying to see if I remembered their birth-date…see previous mention of such) The weirdest part of this habit, is that I forget that I already did a list (or threw the list away in abject embarrassment) and make a whole new one compulsively.

Anyway I like pinterest and have become an addict. I might need medical intervention.

I’ll put it on my list.

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