I can’t make this stuff up

Please note*I used the word stuff because Miss Jan reads my posts and well..I am scared of that Ajumma and her ninja skills for  punishing all the cursing people who annoy her. Soap could be employed if I don’t check myself.

Anyway. I had a really weird dream. I dreamt that Misses Claus got a Tattoo of an Ice cream cone. Only, in my dream the tattooing was interrupted by a limping man who told me to get a tattoo of a pie on myself. (Um..yeah NO..sooo not happening) The Tattoo of the ice cream cone was incredibly detailed. The part unfinished was a really cool sugar cone with the waffle-type lines and angles. I was mega impressed, but still not inclined to listen to the limping guy/man/person/whoever he was telling me to get a pie tattooed on my person. If I get a tattoo I am going for the Ying/Yang which explains all my journeys and struggles.

I have no idea why I am sharing all this with you. If anyone can tell me what this dream means, I would be less traumatized for life. Seriously, there is a very large trailer caricature version Misses Claus I cannot un-see for the rest of my life now. I mean, curlers and all people!  Someone gouge out my eyes.

Anyway. This is my gift to you..because you know you want to be horrified too. Merry Belated Christmas.


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