Procrastinating like a champion.

I am eating a corn dog. I am eating it as slooowwly as possible, because once I am done with said corndog, I am going to have to actually begin writing the next Chapter of Hamilton…and I have no idea what I am doing. I have an enormous need to brag about being an official awesome writer… but one cannot brag about such things if they have been sitting on Chapter 5 for like THE LAST 4 MONTHS!

Clearly, it is time to put up, or shut up. Or as my mom always says “Put on the big girl panties and deal” or something like that (Usually I did not hear anything beyond panties…as I would then get wrapped up in considering  the fact that some woman might actually go commando and enjoy it…NOT ME, cause um…eeewww… just sayin..but the comment always made me think about such things. )Yes, I am easily distracted..they say it’s common in creative types..of which I pretend I am.

So, In an attempt to ignore the problem and procrastinate my ass off I have done the following useless things today…

Googled the word: Procrastination…just to be sure I am actually following set guidelines

Read every single post on my Facebook feed..I am never getting those 3 hours back.

Played Coin Dozer on ALL 6 game apps ( If you didn’t read my post on it you should… it’s epic.)

Did my Tarot reading  for the day

Filled out a 536 question personality assessment only to learn what I already knew about myself from reading my astrology chart…sigh*

Did my Astrology chart reading again… just in case it changed since I last looked.

Contemplated the coolness of the fact that my birth time at: 2:54 and Keanu’s at 5:41 could be swapped around and be the same time..if he was actually born at 5:42, I mean…What? Stop looking at me like that.

Ate a corn dog…

Ok…sigh* Time to write. One would think I would be more excited, and I AM, once I am actually writing..something about getting started freaks me out. I blame tv.

Bexley B

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