Diary entry: Feb. 18, 2014



Day off today. Cleaned my place. You never realize how big a pig you really are, until you clean areas not seen in general daily life. Eww..

My room looks nice…here are some observations I made about myself while cleaning.

1) It is physically impossible for me to feel comfortable if my bed is not made. If I am late for work and have to skip it, it messes up my entire day.

2) I adore the vacuum cleaner. I adore the way it picks up the teeny tiny bits I would otherwise have to bend over, or get on my knees, to collect.

3) I found waaaay to many candy wrappers. OMG.

4) The one thing I have in abundance is books. I like that about me.

5) um… should have given that back a very long time ago..oops.

6) A clean room makes me happy. A change in placement of furniture makes me even MORE happy.

7) I have a lot of clothing to wash.

8) I practically live on my bed. Everything I own is somehow clustered around my bed in some strangely science experimental way.

9) I write on slips of paper way too much. I think I found like 29 of them.

10) So THATS where all my hair thingys went.

Time for some Iced tea, Stuffed mushrooms ( Brother B rocks), and some Kindle bookage.

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