Illustrator wanted

Ok, so…no laughing..but…I have a dream. I am dreaming of making MaNessa’s poem into an illustrated book…not just any illustrator! Nope, I am obsessed with getting the right illustrator for my poem/book thing. I want, with the lust of a thousand suns, for my book to be illustrated by HIM: Aaron Pocock

His work astounds me. I adore it. It has the feeling of classic childrens books mixed with a dose of incredible whimsy, of which I am an overflowing bank of neverendingness. Not only would I adore it if he would consider my MaNessa poem/book, but can you imagine him illustrating HAMILTON! I think I just swooned a little. If you have no idea who Hamilton Mouse is by now, go here: Meet Hamilton.

I am really hopeful he will see something in my dreaming. I dream all the time, and just once, I would like to see something I made come to something slightly lovely…

Please send good vibes for me…I am writing him a letter tomorrow in hopes he might like my simple work.


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