Open Letter to Keanu Reeves

Dear Keanu, I happened upon an article online, that kinda annoyed me. It talked about your love life, your acting, your manner while being interviewed, as well as a host of other things meant to make fun of you or examine you like a frog on a table in science class. They even went so far as to attempt to identify why people like you even after all these years. They suggested that your popularity was due to your being more than one race, to the fact that you are an every man, that you are non-offensive (whatever the hell that means). What they never even came close to identifying, is the real reason I like you myself.

I like you. I do not like you because you are a celebrity. That is what you do, not who you are. I do not like you because you have been in lots of movies, or have the dough to live a lavish lifestyle. NOPE. Good looks? Nah! I like people and them being easy upon the eyes has never much interested me as a requirement. I like have a twinkle, a spark, an uncurable nervous energy that leads you into seeking more to do, more to try, more to experience.

I like you because you never stop adapting. Trying new things, atempting to grow. You do not feel sorry for yourself, in fact, you thrive on mistakes, learning from things seems to set you on fire to conquer and become. You go about reading and discussing things that matter to you, while vemenantly refusing to discuss things that really are only your own business. You never ask for people to be kinder to you, you accept that this is something they either will do or won’t do. I like you, because it is perfectly ok with you for that to be the way it is.

I like that I do not know all about you. That you are, at the heart of yourself, not up for microscope-like analysis by others, but clearly are examining your own soul daily, attempting to be a better you.

I like that you don’t know if having 5 typewriters makes you a collector, since you figure a collector is someone who knows a bit about the things they collect and regard yourself as not yet a collector because you have not yet reached that status. I like that you even think that way.

I like that you still do not know all there is to learn about the person you are. Mostly, because I am in the same boat. When I am done learning, I will be dead, either from boredom, or (hopefully) because my time ran out before my list did.

I like you and it is not because of anything so simple as your job. It isn’t even as simple as your talent or ability to adapt to the changing years. Nope. I like you because of who you are, or at least, the you I suspect you are from the very little clues you leave behind. I like a good mystery anyway,

I get teased by many of my friends and family for being your fan, though honestly, it is not like I have photos of you on my wall (That would be weird, as I only put photos of people I have in my life personally up there), and I must admit, I am a non-traditional fan since I barely ever watch movies and have only truly ever seen a handful of yours. I get teased because I like you…for you. I don’t know beans about you in person, but what I do see makes me think there is more to you than anyone realizes. Ask me to explain what it is I like about you and I fumble..not because I don’t know..but because I cannot prove my insights. Ah well! I don’t need to explain to myself why I like you, so I am ok with not knowing just why I do.

The media can stuff it.
Ps. I am going to get teased for this post. 100% chance..see what I go through for a little bit of loyalty?

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  1. Hi! Thank you for putting the exact words to the awesomeness of our beloved actor. Have been enthralled with him these pasta 20 years.

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