Bex performs a felony

um… Got home from work in a good mood. Walking with my headphones on and somewhat dorky interaction with every dog in the neighborhood will do that for a girl. *Side note* Is it weird that I know all the names of the dogs in my neighborhood (Fluffy, Charlie, Gio, Jacob and Max.) but have no clue what my neighbors names are? End side note*

I got home and found the front door locked. Meh!  I wouldn’t have minded so much, but my uniform is annoyingly uniform-like, and I just wanted to get it off my body. I may, or may not have said the F-word 3 or 4 times before noticing the neighbors young children could hear me. (I am Soo going to Hell)

I tried the window, Woot!! Opened. Realized how high up said window was off the ground. Sigh** Found Cinder block. Found milk crate. Used them for B & E. Realized mid-B& E attempt that wiggling  arse out the window is extremely embarrassing for all concerned, from neighborhood to me.

Also realized, that brother-in-law is kinda dumb to lock door but leave Cinder block and milk crate out for would-be burglars to use as I did.

I need my own key people.

Me in my sexy uniform, NOT! (Not sexy, I mean…that really is me..)IMG_20150619_180626

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