4th of July and Z

2 more days until Z flies in. (She comes in on the 30th) My sis is picking her up since I work. I am super excited. I asked for the 3rd-7th off from work ( edit* Boss gave me the 2nd also!! That rocks!) so I can spend almost a whole week of her 2 week visit with her. My sister is having her stay with her so she has people to visit with while I am at work.

Apparently, the news of Z’s arrival has reached my entire family. They suddenly are planning events like mad geniuses. Shell is coming in just for her visit, my mother is plotting a barbeque,  and my sister, Joey D, is arranging it all like a party planner. I may need to babysit the twins for the next 20 years in return. They are stinkin cute, so no problem!! They are two, so basically the same age as my inner me. Heh!

If you live anywhere near Conneaut, you might enjoy saying hi at the fairgrounds for the 4th! I will be the slightly giggly person chasing twin nieces!

See,  I told you they are stinkin cute.


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