Raptor Claws

Z woke me to tell me about her dream. She was on a bus and as each kid got on, the driver, sternly warned them all that “Raptor Claws” are not permitted on this bus!” As she was dreaming. Z thought this was a bit weird.

Then, they went to a Taco Bell and had Tacos! (said with happiness by Z)…(my kid and I agree that Mexican food is awesome) During the meal, Z says, the bus driver rushes out and starts yelling “I said no Raptor Claws!” The best part of the telling of the story, by Z, was the addition of hand gestures as she is saying “Raptor Claws” The pointer finger of each hand curled and gesturing with digging action. I was giggling before she even got to the punch line.

Then, Z messed up, and said ” Lobsterclaws” instead of “Raptor Claws” and we laughed and tried to do a lobster claw impression instead. Which we excelled at, of course! The tickle-fest was ON!

Raptor against lobster!!!

Giggling with one’s child is on my top 3 list.


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