“I have never seen Spaceballs”…

My nephew just admitted he has never seen Spaceballs. I may have to disown him. No, really. How can a person exist without a functioning sense of the ridiculous, silly, and slightly manic? There are certain movies, entrenched in my heart, that one cannot admit they have never seen in my presence. It is like admitting you have never read Harry Potter. (Please don’t say it…It might kill me.) My head may just explode from the deep sadness I feel for you if you say you have never seen the movies I consider the Holy Grail of smiley, so please pretend you have seen the following movies when we talk, ok?! Do it for my sanity.

Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure

The Neverending Story ( This one is non-negotiable as it is my favorite of all time)


What Dreams May Come

Mrs Doubtfire

The Princess Bride




Bridget Jones’s Diary

Dark Crystal


Who Framed Rodger Rabbit

Little Shop of Horrors

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids

All the Muppet Movies

Despicable Me


Pretty in Pink

The Breakfast Club

Weird Science

Ferris Buellers Day Off

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Short Circuit

Some Kind of Wonderful



Howard the Duck

(Those are the ones I can think of right now)

I think I may have inadvertently revealed quite a lot about me by compiling this list. (Whoops!)

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