Day Out

The Erie Art Museum opens at 11 am tomorrow, so I think I will sleep in a bit and head there at 12 Noon. I am contemplating going on the bus down to Peach street and stopping at Barnes & Noble for something special, I have no idea what yet, but I never need an excuse to go to books. Then, there is the in-store Cafe…OMG. I want something that only passively resembles coffee in a cold shake-like consistency.

I am, also, contemplating buying myself the one thing I really love wearing as perfume. It doesn’t last me, as I use it daily, Elizabeth Arden’s Green Tea, it just suits me. I particularly love Green tea and Chai as perfume scents. They have come out with some more exotic versions of the same one, and I am dying to try another one. Depends on if I get a good price. The Bamboo and the one called Yuzu also appeals with its Lemon topnotes.

I rarely have extra cash so this feels a bit decadent. I am going to just enjoy myself.

Work has been extremely exhausting lately. I am happy to be off the desk of extreme boredom, but I have made myself a little too knowledgeable, in that, I know so many positions I am running my arse off the entire time I am at work. The day flies by, and I love that, but Damn, I’m tired! I have been running around so much I lost weight. Which, let’s be honest, is a perk. I have become the babyfood queen :)The only true drawback, is that my boss thinks of at least 4 things he wants me to do, which consists of only 2 I can actually get done on the short 8 hr timeframe I have going for me.

Today, for example, He wanted me to re-set the planogram (which is basically moving product around into new configurations on the shelf while working new products in), pull the food that is close to its expiration date, work product that came off the truck and stock it onto the shelves, while also running as back-up register, breaking people in 2 other positions, and finally printing signage for tomorrow’s sale set, since I won’t be there for it, as I am off. Each of those easily takes up massive time. Each time I run to register, I need to go from the back of the store, to the front. I feel like I have noodle legs.

I am definitely not complaining, I like my new position just fine. I just wish I were more in shape to handle the physicality of it all. Hopefully, that will come with time. This is not my dream job. I really wish I had other options, but, it is still better than what I was doing previously. (My dream job would be writing and getting paid for it, whilst working at a book store. Yup..drooling all over myself thinking about that Book Soup place…Sigh**)

Having said that, I am totally looking forward to my day off tomorrow!!


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