I have never been this physically tired in my life. Working parts of my physical body I have not used in a long time, has literally run me into an exhaustive state. I wake up, and then fall back to sleep again after 20 min. I have a soft, gooey, intersection ( Nice way to say I am out of shape) and I really hope something improves soon. I need strength training. The truck of freight was 6000 pieces, 3000 of them mine. That, of course, means lots of lifting, bending, and contorting into uncomfortable positions. I feel like a pretzel. Then, there is my back. I woke up to lower back pain and it is making me cranky like an old ogre.

The upside ( Cause I look for silver linings) is that my dreams are particularly vivid. The best, so far, is the one I just woke from. There is a woman, and she has returned to a farm of some kind, looking for a man she is in love with. She sees him and gets  completely mortified by just blurting it out. ” I’m in love with you” OMG. I was mortified too, cause I would have died to say it like that myself. I am way too freaked out by confessing love to people. I wanted to hide for her.

She then starts pulling stuff out of her bag, I think, to distract herself. She starts pulling out all this stuff and it seriously got a belly laugh, mid-dream, from me. Her bag was full of junk I recognized all too well. It was my cross-stitching supply bag. Bobbins, floss and stuff that has nothing to do with sewing ( but everything to do with my junk drawer) started getting pulled from this bag. Then, she pulls out stuff I use at work. Chits (little plastic shelf tag things) a retractable knife covered in white labels with my initials on it, and various other things I use on freight.

My dreams really do revolve around stuff in my life, but in weird, funny ways.

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