A Z memory

(Update* May 22, 2021)

As you may, or may not know, Z is now referred to as he. Since the story content doesn’t make sense if I change Z’s pronouns properly, I made the decision to leave it as is..but, just be knowing that hindsight makes this story even more revealing in some ways. Lol…(Update End*)

Z reads my blog. I wanted to remind her of a story of we. (What I call stories that are about the adventures of being her mom and her being my kid)

There is a saying Z and I use sometimes,  it started out with much sarcasm, but became a shared smile that has a bit of feminism, strength, and a ton of love you, in it.

That saying is ” I love you more than bunnies!”

It started with a doll. Z, never really did baby dolls, barbies and the like, she was more interested in furry creatures like Lions, Tigers, and Housecats.When she was 4, at about Christmas-time, a new doll came on the market complete with a plethora of commercials for it. That commercial made me nutso cutlet. As a subtle feminist (snort-laugh) It offended me greatly that the doll said the most ridiculously air-headed and blatantly sexist female bullshit, I had ever heard. The most ridiculous being “I love you more than bunnies” My brain literally seized in horror.

It irritated me endlessly that the best conversation they came up with for a doll to have with an emerging female mind, was something completely moronic and lacking any intellectual content. Why bunnies? Does she really love bunnies THAT much? Why the frick are bunnies the measuring stick for the capacity for loving someone? Did they run out of engaging shopping banter? ( “Let’s Go Shopping!” Hair-flip Hair-flip)

Don’t believe me? Here’s a list of some of her programmed sayings:

  • “Hello. My name is Amanda and we’re gonna have the bestest time together!”
  • “No hugs for Amanda? Amanda sad”
  • “Yay, Amanda likes to be happy!”
  • “Animal sounds are fun!”
  • “Poo-poo stinky”
  • “I go sleepy-bye now. Night night”
  • “Hooray!”
  • “Fun stuff, mommy! Yay”

Z who was so maturely advanced for her age, found my annoyance amusing ( I only learned later that not all 4 year olds think as advanced in concepts as Z….think I am bragging? Ask me about the McDonalds conversation we had when she wanted to know why teen moms had babies, if they didn’t behave like they wanted them around them whenever they were at places like McDonalds together) Z took my disgust for this saying as permission to destroy it with sarcasm and proceeded to say that very line whenever she left the house…little snot.

We make no apologies to anyone for thinking woman have more to share with the world than just a love for bunnies, shopping, and boys happiness. (We did say more than just..cause we do like those things..after the Dr Who marathon, Equality rally, and book discussions are over..sometimes…if we have time)

End Note**** Hey Z! Love you more than Lagomorphs!

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