I am not really a stuffed animal person. However, I have a few. Though, I dislike the dust having a lot of stuffed animals often produces ( I keep mine immaculately clean), I must confess to loving my 4…and now 5. I have added a new one. She just captured my heart and before I knew it, I was at the cash register.

My favorite bear is Theo. He is an Articulated bear from England. He is a retired Charlie Bear (Described as follows: Theo is made from super-soft brown tipped plush and has brown eyes, a stitched nose and mouth and is fully jointed including a wobble jointed neck. He is wearing a khaki check knotted scarf around his neck decorated with stitched hearts and comes complete with a poem and canvas bag.)

He is my 2nd bear. Z owns the other, his name is Radar as a nod to the Mash series. I made my teddy bears name Radar as a twist and a nod to the man who loved his own Teddy (Who’s name was, in fact,Tiger)

Theo came into my life as a splurge for myself and a memory of my first visit to the UK. I have photographed him many times.

My second Stuffie, is a present. He was crocheted by a friend. He is a purple octopus with yellow eyes, I named him Emperor Zurg, because of the colors.

My 3rd stuffie is a sock monkey that reminds me of the one featured in Mr Magoriums Wonder Emporium, I call him “Socket” As in “Sock it to em”.

The 4th was added last year. He is a Grey bear rescued from a closet in England. I flew him with me on my flight and he got to witness me seeing Dublin,from the air, for the first time. (My family roots being Irish it meant a lot to me–Donagal, Remelton) I named him Kai, which means Sea, in Hawaiian.

Now, I have added a 5th member. Her name, is Bee. She is named after me and has a cheeky smile to go with her cheeky name)


FB_IMG_1445126073661 FB_IMG_1445126061795


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Kai, Socket, and Zurg


and Bee


I never really grew up. lol

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