Suddenly I am popular

Happy Sunday everyone!!

I have become very popular lately. It’s sorta weird. You know how you have periods where you are suddenly overwhelmed with people wanting to chat, visit and see you, where just before you were like “Anybody there?” (echo echo)

On my day off Friday I got clobbered. My BFF and I chatted, per usual, me in US, him in UK and then I got a Skype call from Z, wanting to chat. Then I recieved a text thread chat from that other awesome possum Canadian, RR, then my sis Shay attempted to call, but got an offer to fancy dinner out by her hubby, that chat is pending sometime today.

I have a Wizard 101 game date with Z in just under an hour, have made plans for Friday to go to Cracker Barrel with Joey D,the coolest niece in the world with a birthday, as well as, the cutest twins in the world AND next week I have the 25th-28th off for some rejuvenation time away from work.


For an introvert that there is a LOT of socializing.

I wonder who else will get an uncontrollable urge for some Bexley lovage this week. My, aren’t I the popular one.

I was just plannin on reading a book, but apparently life wants me to socialize.

ps..The twins are getting even more stinkin cute…check this out

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