Daylight Savings, you sneaky lil bastard

You almost got me. Almost. Only Bexley (that’s me) gets woken up 30 times a night by her bladder, and checks her Kindle compulsively for the time (we won’t go into my OCD of turning my bedroom clock at 90* because seeing the time makes sleeping impossible, or the fact that someone checks her Kindle the way others check their cell, or the fact that someone’s clock is all the way across the room to force someone to get out of bed to turn off the alarm, thus defeating the overuse of one’s snooze button)

I noticed the time difference and looked it up online. Also, remembered that buses don’t run a full day on Sunday and that BIL is taking me to work today. Extra sleep baby!! My body hit the bed so hard struggling to get back to the dream I had been having before the bladder incident occurred.

Take the celebrations where you find them, whither big or small in stature.

ps.  Random bit:  My co-workers dressed up for Halloween, Terry was Harley Quinn, Adam D dressed as Indian Jones (complete with whip and hat). I never giggled so hard in my life. (Just happens to be the nickname I gave him due to his leather jacket and sachel). Lori, was the Cheshire cat (soo cute) Mel was gloriously funny as Mary Potter (Harry Potters lesser known older sister) and Keanna was the cutest Santa’s Elf (She insists she was Mrs. Claus but was totally dressed as an Elf) Me, I was not about to wear a costume on the bus. Lori made me wear clip-on horns though. (She’s a doll)

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