Jeremiah Morelli

If eyes could get full from over-indulgence, mine would feel like Thanksgiving Day right now. I just discovered Jeremiah Morelli, middle school teacher in Germany, and hobbiest. I just can’t…I can’t believe how…Seriously, I just…


The words are stuck in my brain. I am too busy falling in love with the richness, the texture, the emotional beauty.

This kind of talent is worth gaining metaphorical weight in the eyes for.

No, honestly. I am really enamoured.

A few favorites below, use his link to see his gallery of super impressive work.

jeremiah morelli winter fun jeremiah morelli fortune teller Jeremiah Morelli - The Dryad Autumns Dream when_all_is_said_and_done_by_jerry8448 never_trust_a_talking_tree_by_jerry8448 little_ones_by_jerry8448

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