I don’t work until 10am tomorrow so, I am sitting here giddy over extra time awake to read, watch K drama, consult the 20 sites I use for all manner of nosiness (astrology, Iching, pinterest, tarot, and generally being creative but in a lazy manner IE. Sitting on my backside observing the creativity of others instead of creating my own.)

Here are my personal observations about myself thus far this evening.

If not for bacon, I would be ok with being a vegetarian. Damn that yummy bacony goodness (This also applies to Kevin Bacon yum!) I will also eat bacon even if it is burnt, because Dude!It’s f-ing bacon!!

I have an unhealthy relationship with technology. This leads to my other unhealthy habit of cursing like a sailor, generally in the direction of technology. (The printer at work shivers when I walk by…little bastard.)

I really like wearing my red scarf. It’s a sickness. I love the color blue best, so I have no idea why the red scarf has become important to my sanity, it just has/does/is. Purple Hoodie understands.

My boss telling me that I need to wear black socks at work had no effect on my “Quirky sock” addiction. What he can’t see, can’t hurt him. Allegedly I am wearing black socks like a proper lady. (Sucker)

I really, really, hate snow. Even pretty snow pisses me off these days. Riding the bus has made me bitter. Someone revive my Snowman affection quick!

I am rarely as serious any other time of the day, as I am in the morning. Chatting me up at 6 am is at your own risk. This also applies to interrupting me while I am clearly reading. If you interrupt me reading at 6 am, you might lose a valuable part of your person.

Angel numbers are stalking me like a mofo, it’s weird.

I miss the person from NY/NY who was on my stat reader. They read my blog every day and now have gone away. (Sob) I was pathetically touched you came back so often and now mourn your loss. Please come back. I will let you play with my toys, read my books, and will share my private stash of Tim-Tams if you come back. (What do you mean I’m pathetically addicted to reading my stats page?…What?




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