Man of Tai Chi

It was so dead at work that they let me go home early. I also got a lift home from one of my co-workers. I have a whole extra 2 hours before I have to get to bed for opening shift tomorrow. I feel decadent.

All day I thought on something I saw online this morning. I was looking for more information on the Vinegar tasters in Taoism,and happened on an interview for Man of Tai Chi.

I watched the video and it started with a woman asking about the ending and how the character Donaka, seemed happy to die, Keanu corrected her, and said he was actually happy to be proved right. That the main character is forced to kill. Thus, proving that all men can be capable of murder. This brings the character to his understanding of the nature of man and the role of teacher.

Then someone asked about personal power and Keanu’s answer surprised me. He mentioned that power comes from those around you, when they share it with you. That he felt energy is shared by one person, or a group of people, and is founded in ideas and sharing the energy from it with others. I agree with him. That is the fundamental core of group mind thinking, but with a twist of personal experience being cultivated and shared to add to the core.

This is also how we overcome our inner convictions and environmental prejudices. Our assumptions are put aside when the goal is learning. In other words, a man will accept learning from one he dislikes, or has been taught to hate, if his desire to learn what that person has knowledge of, is strong enough. I feel that the way towards true equality lies in the thirst to learn. When we desire knowledge, prejudice loses its footing. We grow so wrapped in the joy of grasping what was once illusive that we forge a bond through the  parallel desire and consuming passion to know. Being around one we have decided we are different from or have assumed distance from, has a way of bridging the distance and forcing understanding that there is less difference, or distance than first imagined.

We share energy with each other. When someone is happy, they have the power to influence others in the same environment, the same can be said for unhappiness. When surrounded by people of a like desire to learn and grow, growth is accelerated and a person stretches their boundaries to accommodate these new thoughts. It’s truly amazing what people are capable of creating from a spark of shared inspiration.

So..yes, this is the stuff I spend countless hours thinking about. I am weird that way.


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