French rebellion dream

I dreamt I was a kind of thief, paid by the company to test their system. The funny part was that they had a copy of the book Les Miserables or similar, a rare one obviously, in French, that my group was to attempt to steal right under their noses.

My dream self was completely ignored by everyone as they fought and battled the, I dunno..curators?? For access to the book, only no one knew what book it was.

I looked down and suddenly I can read French?? I can’t read French, so how can I suddenly read French in my dream? Is this really my dream?

I picked up the book and waited for someone to stop me, or even notice I had it. Nothing. I was like a ghost, in that, no one bothered to even consider me, fighting all around me, but not a single person looking at me. I kept waiting for someone to stop me. Put the book in a backpack, backed away to the elevator, got on, left (book in tow). Nothing.

I felt a little peeved. Completely invisible. Anticlimactic if you ask me.

Then I woke up and imagined how I would have written it as a story. Totally promise to post it once the cool story in my head comes together, mines way better. 😝


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