Thief dream revisited

Seriously, this dream has me itching to write a scene of my own devising. I see her so clearly, she wears black skinny jeans, purple converse sneakers, and a Joker t-shirt. He’s a brooding smolder of teenage outcast lusciousness (Gotta love our Heath Ledger types)

Yup..gonna do it before I go to sleep. Watch this space, my buns are getting the laptop loaded up before I go completely mental from all the damned thinking. This use to happen with poems, now it’s expanded to writing plots and “scenes”.  It won’t leave me alone until I write it down.

Looks like I’m staying up until 3 am again. Wicked.

See you in 2 hours..if I do a good job, 3 hours if it sucks first time round.



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