Asked on a date dream

Hahaha dream God’s! Very funny.

Just woke from a dream where this guy comes to see me (I am almost 100% certain this is Alex but he still has no face (again!) but, I did remember he had dark hair and was a freaking good kisser ( Think my toes burst into flame) He was discussing how he was working very hard on the production of some play. I think maybe it was HIS play, or something. Anyway, he had been very busy. He apologized to me for not coming to see me sooner, and invited me to see the play with him. I did not mention that the scorching hot kiss he’d laid on me had kinda made me forgive him 20x over already, and kinda forget all thought for 20-30 seconds (What? It was hot!!)

He then looked me in the eyes and said, very freaking clearly, “This is a date. I’ll be taking you to dinner. Tacos and fruit.” Ok, I admit it, in the dream my thought was (Tacos!!) and then  (Fruit? With tacos? Why?) But, since those kinda both appeal to me, it was kinda perfect. Then I suddenly realized…Date means dress. Especially date to dinner and an important play premiere.

Honestly! My dream self was as happy about the dress situation as I would be outside a dream. (Snicker) It was kinda hilarious. He was trying to kiss me again, and all I was thinking instead was (Is this guy dress worthy?) Dude! That kiss! (Dress worthy with lingerie ok! Get you some!)

Then my dream cut to me getting home and there was my family, eating dinner (Tacos and fruit, What the hell dream!!??) They all asked what I was getting all ready for. I looked down wondering what they meant, and found my dream self dripping wet and in a white towel. Several million things wrong with that scenario dream. Not the least of which, includes coming home and immediately morphing into a towel post shower. (I mean, yeah right! I would NEVER wear a towel outside the bathroom-! Never!)

Soo…dream ended there. I woke up and was a teensy bit sad. Obviously this means I am not going to get Tacos, or a date with (Sex monster heretofore to be called Scorching hot kisser from now on)  Scorching hot kisser. Damn! I was really disappointed, and a teeny bit happy (No dress!!!)  I was startled to feel more sad about the loss of a date with this guy than happiness about no need for a dress now.

So, SHK, let’s calculate what we have learned thus far, shall we.

He has pale skin.

He is tall and slender (because he wears a speedo very well, you will recall, hubba hubba) and was taller than me over my shoulder (in the baseball book dream)

He likes to read.

Dark hair. A little longer hair length.

Was excited by a baseball biography, so maybe likes baseball???

Really smells good

Can act and write. (Since he wrote a play, and is acting in it).

He likes fruit and tacos (Is this guy perfect or what?!!)

He kisses like a freaking dream.

And….is a busy person who LIKES ME.

Still, how weird is it that I keep dreaming of the same guy all the time?

(Update: Side note to clarify:  I didn’t connect it until later, because I hadn’t dreamt of him in years, that SHK is the same guy as from my childhood. I realized only after typing this up.)

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