Notes to self:

I am going to make this a daily thing. Notes to self. I think it could work as a sort of funny diary of me.

Notes to self: December 22, 2015

Fruit that has funny spots are seldom eatable. Pineapple, even if it is your favorite tangy fruit, is especially good at going bad. (Ps. Your face when you chomped into it was priceless.)

If you went to bed like a normal person, you wouldn’t be so tired. (You are already ignoring me aren’t you?)

Sweet & Low is not as good as sugar in ice coffee. Buy sugar before you freak out.

Earbuds that short out happen, stop glaring at’s not alive so it doesn’t care if you’re mad at it.

You lost 10 pounds, of course your pants keep falling down. If you don’t buy new pants soon something really bad could happen (especially if you lose more). Example? Everyone could learn what color undies you wear.

Stop imagining that the plastic Mr and Mrs Claus in the neighbors yard look like serial killing dolls, each time you walk by, you’re freaking yourself out.


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