New years eve

Sausages and sauerkraut, apples wirh caramel dip, Canada Dry Ginger-ale Cranberry style, and the latest Pier One catalog.

It’s a party introvert style. lol

Just got home from work. Signs are done, mostly. I’m sure there is plenty I will need to work on tomorrow.

I still need to be prepared for Inventory on Sunday, Pre-dot all my food for those items nearing expiration,  and looking for those with last month’s dot so they be marked down (can’t pull them yet due to inventory) and waiting for the go ahead after the 4th to pull them all finally.

I have definite plans to do some pre-packing laundry. Go over my photos to select the ones I want to have printed off Snapfish (my birthday present to myself) I decided to do my first album from all my UK visits, hopefully adding London while I visit this trip.

I really want my physical photo album to be of the Union Jack. I considered doing an album with journaling but decided a scrap-album would cost way more than my budget can afford.

I think I will indulge in some window shopping, pintrest and internet style.

Happy New Years everyone!


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