Pier One Spring mailer

Ok, if you don’t love Pier One like I do, you will get bored right now. So, maybe skip this post. If you love it like I do. Get out your mailer! We need to dish the best bits.

1st page. OMG!!!! I love the fresh Spring pillows. This one is called Spring Meadow.

The detailing is gorgeous. I also like these others I spotted online:

I’m also kinda digging the Margot armchair. However, the Chas Armchair has me drooling! The Botany Green pattern is fresh and completely beautiful. It has a nice subtle French feel without being too stylized. I like the armchair best, but they only had a photo of the loveseat available online.



Then there is page 6. Wow!!

The plates! The plates! The plates!

Styles are: Martillo, Calina, and Spring Meadow Butterfly respectively. I think they go incredibly well together.



There were other truly cool pieces featured, but these are my absolute favorites. Oh, and before you ask, No..I don’t get paid for posting this, I am just that dorky in love with Pier One Imports. Have been since I was a kid. It always felt so exotic to me whenever I peered through the mailer each time it arrived in the mail. I always assumed this was how classy rich ladies decorated.

I am particularly in love with the idea of butterflies. I think it would fit very well with the bird style pillows and wall art that I like that is similar in color scheme, to these. They would marry very well, I think, as decorating accents.



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