Does genius burn?

That’s a line from Little Women, and it basically means “Are you writing well?” which is basically my segue into telling you, that you won’t see me much tomorrow…I’m going to be putting in an entire day researching,prepping, and writing, my next 2 Hamilton chapters. My idea was to take the five chapters I have written, and post one chapter a week to Wattpad, giving myself a deadline for getting the next 5 chapters done. The deadline is to get me motivated..only, I need to mess with some ideas and see which I like most, before I commit to a specific path for Hamilton.

I need to research codes, hidden devices (spy stuff), and a tiny bit about birds and how they interact.

See, Hamilton is a librarian, but he hasn’t always been such, in fact he feels rather like Indiana Jones, were he a mouse.

(I blame The Rescuers, and Michael Hoeye. I adore Bernard and Mrs Bianca to bits and own every single Hermux book.)

Want to know more about my characters world and people?


Hamilton: Places:

Silverhedge Hallow: (Hamilton’s town.)
Apple Den (Tillie’s town)
Tails End

Out and about Silverhedge Hollow:

Silverhedge Museum of Fine Arts—Where artists are sometimes showcased and art classes take place.

Hollow County Library (They took the Silverhedge off because it seemed too long for the sign to say Silverhedge Hollow Country Library…not to mention the sign painter was making the letters too big and would have run out of building, in Hamilton’s opinion)

Pipsqueak Nursery School

The Old Sag N’ Bag grocery store (The owners name is Sagittarius Ripplemyer)

A Salt and Battery fish and chip shop

The Can’t be arsed Cafe. This is where the biker mice go, and the infamous ‘Stinky Cheddar Devils’ gang chew the fat. It can get a little rowdy on a friday night, especially if an alley cat or two try gatecrash the joint. It happens.

The Contented Tale (bookshop)

So imagining a good idea for a restaurant in Silverhedge. I am thinking a Mexican restaurant. With NM style decor. I am considering using the feeling I got from that one restaurant I went to with Erinn and Jim. Bright colors, tree mural painted on the wall. It would be hilarious to have Hamilton go pale at the idea of being forced to go there on his birthday because if the huge sombrero’s they make them wear.
Possible names:
El Raton Hambre (The Hungry Mouse)
El Ratoncito Loco (The Crazy Little Mouse)

Hamilton Notes. People

People Trixie Wellington:Wants to be all grown up and sophisticated, like her mother. Wants a rich boyfriend and to be a socialite. Makes her own clothes but poorly. Her make-up and hair is a mess since she tries to do it herself, despite well-meaning advice. Is deeply worried Braxley will ruin any chance she has of being popular.

Talia Wellington:Tries to emulate Trixie but has a compassionate heart. Loves too cook, eat, and is a bit plump, but not fat. She is a bit shy and Trixie is always embarrassing her by forcing her into the limelight.

Tabitha Wellington: Hates boys. Hates money, and definitely hates pretentious people. Thinks Trixie is foolish and hates that she forces Talia to diet. Likes to read, loves the color black. Is really very strong-willed and secretly loves Braxley most.

Braxley Wellington III: (Named after Grandfather)-Only boy and the next to the youngest child. Braxley is curious, naughty, and always into something. He considers his forays to be experiments and tests to see how things happen and react when something else happens. Likes Hamilton on sight. Named after a wealthy grandfather who he resembles in looks and personality.

Mr.Gerald Wellington- Town Mayor, desperately attempting to keep his position with the changing times while withholding special favors to Oliver Crumbwell and his like, who think wealth equals power and prestige. Believes in hardworking and honesty. Has money but tends to give it away to people who need it.

Mrs. Gertrude Wellington: Comes from a bit of a snobbish rich family. Dislikes Oliver Crumbwell only because he is her husbands competition. If pressed will show her more compassionate side, but doesn’t like sentimentality to show. Would prefer to impress others

Dottie (called Dot) Wellington (Baby that is at home)- Dottie is still young so she is cared for by the househelp.

Mr. Drexler Pentipost-: Gerald Wellington’s advisor. He is a bit stuffy and worries about scandal constantly. A bit of a stuffed shirt but surprisingly loyal to Gerald.

Mr Grapple Sanderson: A Yes man. Constantly changing is opinion from what he says to what Drexler says even if it is a direct contradiction to what he just said. Cannot really think for himself, at all. If asked for an opinion he is at a loss until Drexler indicates what he should think. A kind of annoying person.

Mr. Oliver Crumbwell: Snooty, snotty, and completely assured that rich is best and everyone else is..well..not to be considered. Has a very low opinion of the poor and is leader of the campaign against Gerald Wellington. Happens to be Olivia’s fiance, which makes Hamilton crazy wondering how she could like him. Oliver also has the opinion that animals should never mate outside their own species.He is one of those making noises against the Museum showing. He loves to comment on how similar his an Ms Templeton’s names are.

Miss Olivia Templeton: Personal tutor to Braxley. Also a substitute teacher while she attempts to get a job as an Art teacher full time. Has a secret.

Mrs Bella Missa: (The Cook) who almost didn’t marry her husband because of his last name making her sound a bit of a joke. (Bellissimo don’t ya know) She’s a great cook, but pretends to be more no-nonsense..else the children would be asking her for treats and sneaking into cookie jars, “Bless their thieven arts”

Miss Petunia Fluxworthy: She loves life, loves people. She is very caring and tries to empathize with everyone, sometime to her own detriment. She does not do well with changes. She loves things to go smoothly. People think she is strong, but she really isn’t. She puts on a good front. She does love fashion. She loves getting dressed up and has great passion for shoes. She believes one can never have too many pairs of shoes. She is also very creative. (Patt Sutton’s character) (Housekeeper)

Tillie Hartshaven: Tillie likes to get her clothing made for her by Jodie’s character who sells her clothing in secret. Jodie’s mouse is a bit of a secret sensation as no one knows who the designer is. Millie orders them from a catalog. Damson finds silver coins and buys them for her. He spoils her with clothing because she doesn’t ask for much.

Damson Luther Hartshaven: Tillie’s step-brother owl, who watches over he, and has from the moment their parents were murdered. Damson understands both animal speak and the speech Tillie and Hamilton use, Damson is a vegetarian because of Tillie, but his friends are not and he watches over her protectively)

Agatha Anne (Christie) Hartshaven: Tillie’s mother. She fell in love with Damson’s father, who was an owl, who went into vegetarianism because he loved her so much. They moved into the country because their love was considered taboo. Agatha was pregnant with a baby when she met Dorian.

Dorian Hartshaven. Despite the fact that she is the child of someone else, he loved Tillie as his own. Dorian escaped the villain through the air and died near his home where he instructed Damson to protect Millie at all costs.

Galvinston Christie: (Tillie’s father.) A proud and brave man who was a creature of magic. He was the victim of a testing lab where he met Agatha. They broke out of the lab when Galvinston learned Agatha was pregnant with Tillie.

Owl family: Millie has created a family of sorts from the Owls who live in the tree that is her house. They each are a different kind of owl.

Owl #1 Bartleby Sharpfoot (Orphan)
Owl #2 Spottingham Twigflyer (Orphan)
Owl #3 Sir Thomas Silverbeak ( Runaway—Aristocrat. Cannot abide his family and their cruelty to Mice as house-slaves. Southern)
Pipsqueak (Called Pip) Morning-star. Sparrow who hangs out with the Owls. She has a lovely family and is very courageous. She is in love with Damson, but worries he will not want her, a Sparrow.

Pierre Mon Du Merrimonte : Not in this book. A Frenchman who loves to do Shakespeare.

Johnathan Littlefoot: Retired Indian Policemouse. Does work for the MIS on the side. Gets information to help Hamilton but has to be careful not to reveal his sources. Must protect Miss Templeton’s secret.

Felicia Knothole: (Created by Jodie): “Felly” extremely well versed in random trivia. Enthusiastic and loves fashion. Only uses fresh words. Lives in the bottom drawer of an old classic dresser in a Haberdashery but looks terrible in hats. Has a habit of collecting thimbles. Works in the library as a fact checker. Has a crush on Hamilton. 20’s. Hamilton is older than her so she is just crushing as she thinks he is extremely smart and amazing.

Thomas Foxley: Mouse in charge of the valuable book section of the library, most especially the vault where all the historic and old documents are kept for fire and water damage protection. He has been bribed to steal a manuscript from the vault by two thugs. Max and Jax who are working for someone they call “BOSS” or “The MASTER” Thomas does steal the book, because his wife is very ill and he needs the money for her to be able to stay in the hospital. He changes his mind but it is too late, the thugs cut him with their beaks. Braxley witnesses his attack when the book slides under his table. Thomas Foxley basically sets the entire adventure into motion.

Marshmallow Foxley: Thomas Foxley’s very ill wife. She is in the hospital. Foxley cannot bring himself to steal the book knowing how disappointed in him she would be.He is attacked trying to return the book to the library.

Charles Leaf Potter: One of the residents of Tails End. He helps Hamilton find Braxley and Miss Templeton. (A Squirrel and nod to JK.)

Hamilton’s Grandfather, Roberto Gallini (Adopted by the Clendon family as an orphan and later became Robert Clendon) Originally from an Italian immigrant family that was cruelly attacked and killed by Cats making Roberto an orphan. Roberto has a missing hind leg in the story. He has a wooden peg leg instead and loves to paint. He is not in this book but may be in a later book along with Matthew Clendon: Hamilton’s brother. A writer and sinus sufferer who lives in his robe 24/7.

Terrance Brushman: Computer Hacker. Co-worker to Miss Templeton. Not seen but mentioned in this book. He is the one who gets the tag information for Hamilton without his knowledge..since it is fed to him via Johnathan Littlefoot. May see him again in another book.

Serius Blackfeather: To be the villian in another book.

Rudy Spindlehopper: Owner of Tash and Treasure. A curio shop of peculiar extremes. Has Bright Pink fur and way to much knowledge.

Jax and Max Cortense: Henchman Owls. Kinda dumb, kinda ruthless, kinda bumbling. They chase Thomas Foxley into the party and kill him in the buffet area. Braxley witnesses their crime and runs with the book they are seeking to get. They follow him and kidnap him.

William H. Clendon: Hamilton’s father. A great explorer, but not to great father-type. Loved Hamilton in his way. Is the owner of the hat Hamilton wears on his adventure.

Lillian Grace Clendon: Hamilton’s mother, who died while adventuring with William. The reason Hamilton turned his back on his father, whom he cannot forgive.

See, I am working on it. 🙂

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