SHK has a face

Ok, so….big event. I just had my first dream where SHK (formerly known as Sex Monster) has a face I can see in my dream, and what’s even more startling, I know that face is my Alex for certain now. My dream was an utter mess..lots of weird content.

The first inkling of SHK, was seeing him sitting at the bar, while I was standing somewhere else. Then, across the table from me, looking directly at him. In my dream, I thought his name but never spoke. My dream self (in her head)  actually said something about checking that off my bucket list…I could have cheerfully killed her in that moment. (Why is this chick so unlike me… no,seriously)


(calm down B)…..takes a breath.

I never spoke, neither did he but…

I saw his face, thought his name, I know his name.

SHK, I know now that you are Alex AND this other person…how weird is my life?

Gotta admit….never expected that one.

Still, the person I have been dreaming about for years, has a confirmed real life name. I was pretty certain in my 30’s who this was but, this is confirmation.

(Does a slow pirouette)

Life is weird, lovely, touching, and beautiful.

Hello, SHK…

Nice to meet you finally.

( Side note just for SHK, what’s with the black trench coat dude? I like your hair that length and…Your eyes, beautiful brown.)

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