Complete joy

I got my bracelet in the mail. I took one look at the thing and just about exploded in joy. I have not felt so moved in a very long time.

See, people don’t print photographs anymore, the images trapped in a camera or on a cellphone. Even when you do print them, they can only exist as a framed piece that you see only when you are home. I mean, you could carry it in a wallet or something, but how often do people really look at them?

This is the true genius of the Ginger Snap jewelry. It can be worn! The funniest part is, that even the Ginger Snap company hasn’t caught onto this fab idea yet. I got my piece off Etsy, from a company that makes snaps that fit a variety of similar jewelry. They create the snap from a photograph and they fit any similar snap type jewelry you have. I mean, the pieces of jewelry are awesome as they are, but adding the ability to snap any photo of  a loved one into a piece of jewelry in an instant is freaking brilliant! It’s like a photo album you can wear!

Think about it! Cherished loved ones who have passed away, memories of when your child was small, or even a gift of a photo of all your children on a bracelet as a tribute to motherhood. It’s perfect!

I loved my Ginger Snap jewelry at first sight, (Who wouldn’t love a piece of jewelry you can change depending on your mood with just a click and a snap?) but now..NOW, I am over the moon with the pleasure of just being able to have the one I love (my Z) over my heart in necklace form. It’s just perfect.

I feel so much joy over this one simple thing. I can’t even tell you how much.

The images came out perfectly and they fit my Ginger snap piece extremely well, no issues at all. The snaps are slightly smaller than the traditional snaps from the official company, but I am assuming this is so they can be used on other snap types of jewelry. It doesn’t bother me a bit.

Want your own piece? I ordered from Four Seasons Sierdan on Etsy, the bracelet and two photos cost about $25 total with shipping. She will even do extra snaps if you want them. Yay!

I am definitely getting Z one of her very own, just need to ask her what image she wants. This is wonderful! I can’t wait to show everyone at work.

Oh, and in case you wondered, No, I don’t get anything for writing about this stuff (The companies mentioned have no idea I even wrote this)

Seriously, I love being able to treat myself to a inexpensive present once a month with 0 guilt.


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