Good Questions #66

66. How would you spend a billion dollars?

I have thought about this before. The hardest part of being poor, isn’t lack of money, it’s lack of opportunity. My thought is, that I cannot enjoy a Billion dollars unless I give others opportunity. I’d build a school, free for those with potential to learn. I’d hire the best teachers with 2 year contracts to pay off their student loans if they participate. The chosen students would be able to earn a degree or mentored training, in the area they are most passionate.  It’s my dream to have learning non-dependant on the ability to pay for it. I would also cultivate older students, because the older a person is, the more important learning is to their inner growth.

Of course, I’d also take classes in every intellectual or hands-on thing I ever wanted to learn myself. Id travel everywhere. Soak up learning until I burst. Experience every single moment.

Oh, and I’d build the house of my dreams from the bottom up. Including innovation and beauty in the design. I’d make my home extremely functional, comfortable and beautiful. Artistic meets innovation. That is MY HOUSE.

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