Good Questions #62

How do you want to be remembered?

I want to be remembered as a passionate learner, lover, poet, and person. Someone who constantly strove to understand herself, so to better understand others. Someone who didn’t just see the good, but accepted the bad, and worked to make change, both in herself and in her world.

A person who forgave and offered compassion. Someone who loved fearlessly. A person who loved learning, people, art and life. A person who sought equality and acceptance. Who embodied these things that she strove to help foster in the world.

A person who was all about children. An old soul that refused to grow all the way up, because one should never forget how to be young. A ferocious protector of people and their personal rights. A joyful and sincere lover of humanity. Someone who laughed with happiness and cried unapologetically with sadness. One who understood that love has loss, and honors that fact, while also celebrating that loss teaches value.

A person who shared, every single minute, the love she felt inside, so that when she finally died, there was not a single person she came into contact with, that didn’t know she loved them.

I want to be remembered as someone brave enough to reach for what she dreamt about. Someone creative enough to make her moments, not only count, but resonate with unique memories and thoughts that flowed outward to interact with others who were suddenly included in that memory and made part of it.

I want to leave this world having loved it to within an inch of itself.


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