Good Questions #63

What would you do if you were the president of your own country?

Being president would be a difficult task, there are many concerns and not enough revenue to instill change all at once. I’d start with looking into initiating school changes. You have to start where the future is. Schools need a new way to teach. Specialized classes that allow students to follow their own path of learning, instead of one based on test scores.

The one thing I know about school, is that many never follow childrens natural inclinations toward a career. If my school had embraced my obvious love of books and writing, taught me the steps needed to become a variety of careers in writing or creative arts, I’d have had a more driven sense of myself and my worth.

Some kids aren’t lucky enough to know what they want to do, so learning a variety of things, not all career geared, would have made me excited about learning, especially if they had focused on the How to. Learning what steps are needed to become published and being directed to those that could show me that world, would have set my mind on fire.

We have learned that both introverts and extroverts are needed, so schools need to open up inner creativity, as well as, exterior.

Make learning free. Help kids develop well-balanced educations and allow them to follow their passions. That’s how the world changes.

Does a kid seem inventive and interested in climate change? Let them study alternate methods of using inventions instead of natural resources for energy. Let them show us how to use our brains to make the natural world part of our world, not working at cross-purposes. Get them excited and make them feel heard.

Does a kid have a natural talent in art? Introduce them to the world of art. Ask them to show us ways to beautify our world, ways to ease stress and celebrate living.

There are so many world problems thay can be solved with learning. Embrace passion and the world changes.

We also need a society more interested in interacting and connecting with each other. Finding the common ground and learning about differences as a positive instead of a negative. Celebrating diversity, accepting and appreciating differences, including sexual, cultural, and theoretical differences. Make it ok to have differences, teach security in self, while embracing acceptance of others. Let people realize that having a different way, doesn’t threaten their own way. Let people see each other and learn that there is something valuable in not all being of the same mind.

I guess, as president, my main goal would be to start change, then get the hell out if its way. Guiding through compassion and acceptance. Breathing love into the lungs of our country. Yeah, that’s my air.

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