Doing the dishes dream

The dream was longer, but I forgot all but the middle and end. Darn it.

SHK was visiting. We must have had a meal, because he INSISTED on doing clean-up. He wanted to wash the dishes and was disgruntled by my insistence that I love to do dishes. I admitted reluctantly, that it isn’t my favorite, but maybe my second favorite ( folding laundry would be my’s a sickness) we decided to wash them together.

There was a short interlude whereby he requested chocolate. He wanted a chocolate bunny (indicating it was Easter) so I searched through his Christmas presents for the one he got his chocolate in. (Easter and Christmas crossover?? um ok.)

Then back to dish washing. I mentioned to my sister that my speech and phrases sounded Southern ( didn’t say anything remotely Southern to my ear) Mentioned it was probably from living in Florida so long, Turned to say something to SHK and some person I never met before, or knew, was standing in SHK’s spot. He was agreeing that I sounded Southern. I was mildly freaked out to find someone else there, turned and found SHK laughing his arse off at my surprise.

He was freaking adorable. Chuckling at me with the warmest smile. I could feel his happiness and enjoyment of the moment. I totally forgot myself and the fact that he tricked me. All I could see was him.

Maybe it was just a dream, but it felt like home, his smile.

SHK, Thank you.

Adding to the list:

Loves chocolate

Does dishes when someone else cooks.

Laughs with his eyes.

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