Moments of memory: United Kingdom

These are not in proper order for date.

United Kingdom January 13-Feb 2, 2016

February 2, 2016–Dublin airport departing. Sitting across from a young man who was quietly sitting with his head down crying his heart out. Thought about asking him if he wanted to talk about it, remembered how private moments can be and nixed the idea. The need to comfort him persisted, I offered him a tissue and quietly told him that I had been there, a time or twenty. Let him be. To speak or not speak is a personal right. He chose his privacy,  respected him for it. Even so, my heart sent him understanding and kinship. I left to board the train with more then I arrived with. We humans are fragile.

January 10, 2016–Stafford City Centre The Shire Hall Gallery. Studied the artwork. Enjoyed the Raven and Fox heads made of fabric mixed media. Thought about symbolism and how they contain messages for growth. Took photo of sign with the Sun. Thought about my own personal symbols.

January 24, 2016 The Revenant with M. Conflicted thoughts on the movie. Powerful imagery. Unsettling theme. Bloody, Violent, and masculine. Unsettling thoughts of my own. Sad, weary, and female. My life is changing.

January 27, 2016 Emma Bridgewater Pottery with Anne. Tea Towel exhibit, Anne, and conversation about tender but needful things. Her love was present. My thoughts guarded but open. She mentioned the birds in the backyard, that memory meant something to Anne. She bought me a birds tea towel. The coincidences not at all coincidental. Some moments don’t need words. Anne shared her memory with me. I need to frame the tea towel.

Cine-Bowl. January 27, 2016 Air Hockey. Star Wars movie. Anne, Hannah and M. Feeling like a kid again. Clash of memories. Childhood meets adult mind. Surreal.

January 29, 2016 Birmingham Cathedral. Prayer boats. Lit a candle. Struggled for composure. Anne’s snap-out walking cane entranced M. Anne’s flowered raincoat.

Art museum. Postcards. Indian mother’s couch. Collectible buttons.

Canalside Coffee January 27, 2016 Cake and strange soda. Photo that captured my connection to Anne. Realized after that I was truly happy and felt part of a family during that moment.

Walsall Gallery with Cath. Heated wooden floors. Beautiful woman painting in Cath’s livingroom that captured my thoughts. Meal with Cath that made me cry. Festering hurts ripped open unexpectedly. Walking the canal. Coco the dog. My need for silent. Pain is present. Acceptance is present.

Badminton. Played badly. Enjoyed muchly. Skittles packet. Odd packet. Instead of Grape the flavor was Ribena, a little surprised and delighted, though not liking the flavor. Read the packet: “No Two Rainbows are the same. Neither are two packet of Skittles. Enjoy an odd mix.” Oh. Ok, then. Saved the packet. Definite memory.

January 31, Cambridge–Red Pom Anne. Hannah and M mumbles.Shoes and ships and ceiling wax, cabbages and kings.  Bought Anne and M Cambridge pins.

Caffe Nero–Young college students. Old Bex. Bathroom door lock that hates people.

Bag stop. Hannah bought a satchel. Leather and bright colors.
Bikes and quaint walkways. A photographers quiet happiness stole over me. Wanting to capture with my camera, whilst still enjoying the day by putting the camera down occasionally. Bus ride to and from the car-park, too many thoughts. Windmill arguments. Laughter and memory making.

Sleeping in the silent flat. Feeling alone, but not. Just me and my thoughts. Just me and my changes. Bonding with a hot water bottle. Discovering what I would be like as an apartment singleton. I liked it. Mint Cocoa. Typing and thinking. Freedom of a sort after years without. Unable to stop crying over things confronted and experienced. Sweet & sour vacation.

Reconnecting with my gargoyle on a walk with my camera and a soda can. My gargoyle showed the changes of time. Has that much time really passed? Yes.

Soup Kitchen conversation. Things said. Needed but painful. My head hurts almost as much as my heart. Artwork punctuated by speech and attempts to salvage something I consider quite valuable. Your pain, my pain. I miss my friend.

Fish N Chips meal. Laughter and good food. Observations of family interactions. Interesting. Startled everyone with my understanding of cat. I lack fear of scratches, must be a country thing.

Re-bonded with cross-stitch magazines. Too much thinking for a mere mortal. Stitching brings peace, but too much thought.



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