Journal entry: May 13,2016

I spent the day with my good friend, Lori. We met up at the downtown bus stop and caught the 3 bus to Tinseltown theatres. We got there early enough to get the Early Bird rate (Booya!) $5.75 for the first showing of the day. Zootopia! Needless to say I was really excited. The opening scene made me laugh. The main character Judy Hopps, a bunny, was onstage for a talent show as a child. Depicting how prey and predators had once been enemies. The predators (obviously) having once hunted them. She uses a ketchup bottle as a visual aid as the “victim blood” quite liberally. It. was. hilarious! My awkwardness as a child was somewhat similar. All the way down to the looks employed by parents who are stymied by their childs creativity and how to deal with it. Yeah, they nailed it.

The movie was sooooooooo good. The animation was quite obviously the most cutting edge in digital rendering. Seriously, I could see individual hairs on animals heads. The effects were out of this world. Raindrop splatter. Realistic wind effect. Even the feeling of moving past buildings was captured (for a one dimensional screen that is saying heaps)

The scene where Hopps makes the wolves howl delighted me. I howled too. Thank goodness Lori doesn’t mind how demented I am.

After the movie, we went to the Goodwill to shop. I bought 2 pairs of black work pants, 2 pairs of jeans, a bunch of tank tops for summer, and a huge floor pillow in teal. I put that sucker on my bed. Booya! Big ol pillow you complete me. Snicker.

We stopped at KFC and then, Barnes and Noble, where I got my copy of 1000 Nights. Yay!

Now I am home and ready for a good reading session. My blackwork stitch was great company on the bus ride home. You’ll find my current status with it below. Also, saw the most hilarious little golf bag thing in the Goodwill store. It made me giggle, so I took a photo. Enjoy.

I’m off to read.


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