SHK conversation dream

My dream started with crazy autograph-seeking fans and me insisting people stop being rude and form a Que..(How weird a way to start a dream). Um…what the H?

Then it switched to SHK and I chatting. He was sitting next to me  at a picnic table, I think. Is it weird that I fully see him now when I dream about him? No fuzzy face. I am at complete ease with him now. It felt like family.

I laughing told him I have superhot autographs of my own (referring to the mob scene) I snickered and said I had one from  teen heartthrob Kirk Cameron and one from The Original Karate Kid,  Ralph Macchio. Then, I let the other shoe drop and told him I also have an autograph from the local butcher AND check out cashier ladies. Pretended to swoon. He laughed, immediately getting my point.

That IS pretty much how I am. I don’t really have autographs from anyone, famous or otherwise..I don’t do bragging. Photographs and autographs seem silly to me, though I have no problem with people who do like them, I just don’t feel a need to keep a part of someone as proof I met them. It’s just that, the way I see it, I know I met them, will always remember, so the rest is vanity, and I pretty much lack any.

Which amused SHK. He knew I was teasing him, and it was perfectly ok for me to do so. Which, made my smile even bigger.

Then I went and ruined our lovely conversation by waking the hell up. Dern it.



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