Left with Livvy

“You ever notice”, she said, “how people are always going right?”

I stopped a moment  and considered her. She’s Livvy, I’m Seth. We’re kind of a package deal. She’s got this button-nose, chopped off page-boy haircut thing, and some seriously screwed up opinions. I mean, the girl likes pickles on her peanut butter sandwiches, who does that? You know that person who’s always yammering on about what’s right and wrong and most especially FAIR (in capital letters nevermind you). That would be Livvy. She’s got chutzpah. Livvy. Thing is, it makes her kinda who she is, and well…it matters.

“I mean, people enter stores, and they go right,I saw a study. They even put merchandise they want to sell on the right so people will see it.” she finished

Someone pushed by us, glaring at Livvy as they passed for being in the way, or breathing, apparently. Livvy, as usual, totally didn’t even respond. I knew she noticed, sometimes even got hurt, but she always pretended she didn’t. Livvy has chutzpah, and well..she kinda needs it. Her mum being the town drunk and all.

“So?” She shrugged “So…let’s go left. Let’s go the way nobody else does. Let’s see stuff nobody ever notices or is aware exists. Let’s just”..she pauses, looking at the back of the person that shoved her, as they walk off. I knew she saw it! “Choose to go our own way, instead of the way everyone else is going.”

I tilted my head at her. “Left?”

She smiled. “Left.”

“Left with Livvy” sounds good enough to me.


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